Translation of schizoid in Spanish:


esquizoide, n.

Pronunciation /ˈskɪtˌsɔɪd/ /ˈskɪtsɔɪd/

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    esquizoide masculine, feminine
    • If schizoids were creating the art of modernism, their narcissistic cousins (who, by definition, need to control other people) are creating its social ideas/systems (socialism, fascism, economic planning).
    • Here, the softspoken and mentally deficient Ming Ming innocently practices her dancing while also making friends with various other schizoids and lower-functioning inhabitants of the home.
    • ‘We're a couple of schizoids aren't we,’ he said at last.
    • She must have been going through a lot, trying to deal with the fact that her youngest daughter was a schizoid.
    • Or was he an insane schizoid who failed to know right from wrong?


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    • People with schizoid personality disorder do not have schizophrenia, but it is thought that many of the same risk factors in schizophrenia may be factors causing schizoid personality disorder.
    • The distinction is comparable to that between schizophrenia and schizoid personality disorder.
    • The need to create a citadel in which to hide from the world is characteristic of people with a schizoid disposition.
    • Chronicity was associated with premorbid schizoid personality.
    • The survey found no gender differences in the prevalence of obsessive-compulsive, schizoid, or histrionic personality disorders.