Translation of schmaltz in Spanish:


sensiblería, n.

Pronunciation /ʃmɑlts/ /ʃmɔlts/ /ʃmɔːlts/ /ʃmalts/


(schmalz, shmaltz)
  • 1

    sensiblería feminine
    • And that's just sentimental schmaltz and keeps sort of slowing down the movie, when you want to see this crisp, involving action story.
    • The two lead actors acquit themselves admirably in their roles, rescuing the film from descending into schmaltz.
    • But even when these songs have heart-rending subject matter, there's usually something uplifting near the surface, delivered without schmaltz or gushing sentimentality.
    • Unfortunately it succumbs to its meaner instincts in the second half, indulging in romantic schmaltz with the occasional inspired comic riff.
    • First, it is not concerned with contemporary folk music, but a rather dubious brand of acoustic schmaltz that was popular back in the early 1960s.
    • Christmas music ranges from the sublime to the stickiest schmaltz.
    • It's schmaltz, and infuriating schmaltz at that.
    • The first violin, viola, and cello played the Viennesse chamber music section with warmth and stylish schmaltz.
    • This movie could so easily have descended into schmaltz and saccharine yet instead it is by turns dark, comedic, violent, enlightening, frighteningly real and ceaselessly inspiring and surprising.
    • If you're bored with Hollywood blockbusters and want a change from feel-good schmaltz, then I'd recommend this twisted family fairy tale.
    • There's no denying how frustrating staid, riskless costume dramas can be, where substance is replaced with big budgets, fancy costumes and schmaltz.
    • We wrote about three songs that were pretty schmaltz, the sort of thing that sounds like what happens when two people get together and want to write a song for someone else.
    • There is a shift among the electorate to get rid of the sleaze, spin and schmaltz and to replace it with vision, trust and integrity, she claimed.
    • He gets a job crooning schmaltz in California nightclubs.
    • I just get a little angry that Hanukkah doesn't have all that schmaltz.
    • Whether or not you find it heavenly, though, depends on your appetite for overly orchestrated synthesized schmaltz.
    • I barely get over one season of schmaltz, before I'm faced with another.
    • It can make you laugh without anyone falling over, and it can make you cry without resorting to laid-on-with-a-trowel schmaltz.
    • The film then wavers between two principal downfalls: the misguided need for schmaltz and cheap laffs.
    • But the fact is that by the last episode they'd resorted to cheap schmaltz.