Translation of scholarly in Spanish:


erudito, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈskɑlərli/ /ˈskɒləli/

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  • 1

    (person) erudito
    (person) docto
    (attainments) en el campo académico
    a thoroughly scholarly edition/translation una edición/traducción de gran erudición
    • On the other hand, they are too disjointed and brief to contribute much to the knowledge of more scholarly fans.
    • Erudite and scholarly, Green was best known for his literary achievements.
    • Here, the music press and music journalism in daily newspapers form the basis of scholarly accounts of works of highly variable scope.
    • It is good to have this learned and scholarly life back in circulation.
    • Yet they do not mean that there would be no intelligible reality outside our scholarly discourses.
    • Multi-lingual, he liked to retire with a book, was well-polished in letters and enjoyed scholarly debate.
    • His own education was scholarly and he could read Latin and was familiar with the classics.
    • What such an account would not reveal is how far this scholarly passion for translation actually influenced cultural practice on a wider scale.
    • Such scholarly collaboration would not have looked good in literary accounts of embassies.
    • The British, the author of this scholarly and objective study concludes, lost both the will and the ability to rule by force.
    • This excellent study is scholarly, clearly written, informative, and provocative.
    • The authors are to be congratulated on this scholarly study, which must have been a labour of love.
  • 2

    (appearance) de intelectual