Translation of school-leaver in Spanish:


joven que termina el colegio, n.

Pronunciation /ˌskulˈlivər/ /ˈskuːlliːvə/


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    joven que termina el colegio masculine, feminine
    • While it is true that the proportion of school-leavers who enter higher education now is closer to 50% than the figure under 10% when Lord Patten was at Oxford, the issue of class distinction clearly remains unresolved.
    • Year after year, the UK's elite universities bemoan the lack of knowledge and rigour among their intake of straight-A school-leavers.
    • Most British school-leavers don't even possess the basic facts.
    • It is evident that school-leavers who haven't learnt to think for themselves are going to be in trouble.
    • Maybe it's that childlike quality again, but she seems winningly vague about the future, a bit like a school-leaver who may or may not take a year out before college but isn't motivated enough to sort out anything concrete.
    • The average starting wage for a school-leaver in this country is between forty and sixty pounds a week, increasing to something like one hundred and fifty in adulthood.
    • A school-leaver at 15, he took on odd jobs at the local theatre and got an inkling of what was required to succeed.
    • They should remember that every employee of pensionable age may be doing work that a school-leaver could be doing.
    • These will be younger men, including school-leavers and students in part time work and those who were able to re-enter after a period of unemployment.
    • The vibrant teenager would not stop there: ‘Opportunities for school-leavers are too few.’
    • But changes in the postwar economy gave a generation of school-leavers previously unthinkable buying power: money that was soon being spent on clothes and rock 'n' roll records.
    • The coming years will see a fall-off in the number of young people leaving the education system and more school-leavers will enter third level education.
    • The proportion of school-leavers from farms taking up careers in full-time farming will need to increase on its present level.
    • On moving to Ireland in 1998, he began work at the Waterford Institute and cowrote a report in 2000 for the Department of Health & Children on the fall-off in interest among school-leavers in pursuing a career in mental health nursing.
    • The unemployment rate for early school-leavers between 18 and 24 was 21.8% in 2004 compared with a rate of 7.9% for all people in that age category.
    • This week saw the launch of a new glossy magazine for 15-18 year olds that aims to encourage school-leavers to contemplate a career in the tourism industry.
    • When Margaret Thatcher became prime minister in 1979, around 13% of school-leavers went on into further education.
    • There were also fewer school-leavers applying for Business, Medicine, Veterinary and Dentistry courses at the country's universities.
    • In my opinion, this will enormously enhance our trade in the entire region and would prove highly favourable to future generations of school-leavers in particular.
    • He added that the goal was not to make everyone a scientist but rather to ensure basic literacy in the language of science among all school-leavers and graduates.