Translation of schooling in Spanish:


educación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈskulɪŋ/ /ˈskuːlɪŋ/


  • 1

    educación feminine
    estudios masculine
    they paid for his schooling le pagaron la educación / los estudios
    • he has no formal schooling no tiene estudios propiamente dichos
    • It is quite clear that teachers, education and schooling have received a raw deal from popular cinema, which tends toward the negative and derogatory in its representations.
    • Those with the diagnosis were more likely to be older, have a grade school education (completed schooling to age 12), and be unmarried in mid-life.
    • Worst of all, many schoolchildren have to face dropping out after primary schooling because secondary education is not free.
    • Learning is respected, and education past secondary schooling is highly valued, in part as a route to high-paying occupations.
    • When the market came tumbling down in October 1929 Moishe was there to see it; he later thought this an education unlike anything he had received in his formal schooling.
    • Traditionally, there has been a fee for primary and lower secondary schooling; thereafter, education is free.
    • It is not a coincidence that these populations are the ones with the least amount of formal schooling or secondary education.
    • I learnt that he had come to the United States as a Jewish refugee from Germany, at the age of 14, to have his schooling and university education in New England.
    • Stay strong, don't give up on your dreams, and never let your schooling interfere with your education.
    • Through high school my schooling was in Catholic Schools.
    • Only those who had received some schooling and retained contact with literate family members in Ireland met these conditions; the poorest emigrants clearly did not.
    • Today, most children begin school at age seven or eight and receive some schooling for at least several years.
    • He received little formal schooling, but he was bright, energetic, and literate.
    • The cause of the Claimant's lack of schooling or education during the autumn of 2001 is more complex to ascertain.
    • This will lead to more private schooling and fewer state schools.
    • The schooling received is generally very poor.
    • Educational neglect occurs when a child is allowed to engage in chronic truancy, or is of mandatory school age but not receiving schooling.
    • Although, on average, students would receive fewer years of formal schooling, this would not translate into less educated students, for the time spent in school would be used far more efficiently.
    • She had internalized the national development messages of schooling, and often replicated them in her own speech.
    • The teenagers continued their schooling by correspondence.