Translation of schoolkid in Spanish:


niño, n.

Pronunciation /ˈskulkɪd/ /ˈskuːlkɪd/

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    (que va al colegio) niño masculine
    (que va al colegio) niña feminine
    you're like an overgrown schoolkid pareces un niño malcriado
    • The police speak of a rising tide of knife crime, where everyone from misguided schoolkids to inner-city hoods are apparently arming themselves with flick knives, pen knives, machetes and swords.
    • They play mini-bouncers, cupids, schoolkids.
    • Now, lined up in their matching chairs, the three of them look unified, purposeful, like eager schoolkids taking turns to explain some esoteric science project.
    • We will have 100,000 schoolkids in our summer schools this year.
    • I get frequent messages from schoolkids from all over the world with requests such as: ‘I am doing a school project on Japan.’
    • While this children's variety show didn't always hold this time slot (it was ten years before it became a Friday fixture), it undoubtedly ushered in the weekend for generations of schoolkids.
    • Local schoolkids and seniors' groups have been walking through the 60,000-square-foot baking-mix factory for generations.
    • The youngest contributors are schoolkids; the oldest, an 81-year-old woman who created a Barbie decked in army desert fatigues.
    • The atmosphere among the sell-out crowd of schoolkids, drunk teenagers, mums, dads and grandparents - many of them related to MacIntyre - is positively festive.
    • They must familiarize themselves with rural areas where we have schoolkids receiving their lessons under the trees with no tables or chairs.
    • Figures released this week indicate that UK schoolkids receive more spam than actual email, with three quarters of messages arriving in inboxes coming from junk mailers.
    • Wouldn't the schoolkids rather be playing hip-hop?
    • These schoolkids from Fresno County made their visit a few days too soon for all the action that the governor-elect has promised.
    • Uniformed schoolkids rush out to try for rolling high fives; farther outside town, they just stare shyly.
    • A third of robberies in certain areas of London are now mobile phone thefts - with many offences committed by schoolkids against their peers.
    • In a story, I suppose I would have slaved away at my school project and it would have been thrown away by my mother or ruined by one of the schoolkids.
    • Every schoolkid knows that an ordinary word repeated quickly becomes intensely odd.
    • It is the latter with clear explanatory footnotes that would be read by a schoolkid in year eight today.
    • I think most schoolkids understand that if you are stealing from the school canteen or if you engage in sale or use of narcotics at school, you're not going to last there.
    • She took over the Center's public shows, coaxing brilliant swoops and dives for schoolkids and anyone else who would watch, enchanted as much as her audience.