Translation of schoolroom in Spanish:


aula, n.

Pronunciation /ˈskulˌrum/ /ˈskulˌrʊm/ /ˈskuːlruːm/ /ˈskuːlrʊm/

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  • 1

    (with masculine article in the singular) aula feminine
    clase feminine
    • Alone, a photograph of black students in a schoolroom in 1900, with their hair parted down the middle, will make little lasting impression, even with a long explanatory caption.
    • The film starts well with an amusing scene in some dusty outback schoolroom where a class of dazed children listen to a middle-aged bank manager wax about the wonders of compound interest.
    • Jane rises early the next morning to the sound of a bell before dawn; all the girls assemble in the schoolroom and form classes in a hurried tumult.
    • Rudd, whose schoolroom was located at 18 George Street, had been teaching in the city since the 1790s.
    • ‘Up here, I think,’ Peggy called to him, glancing back with a sudden grin that reminded him instantly of her infectious cheerfulness in that heavy brick schoolroom.
    • The car was quite big, around the size of Mary's schoolroom though not quite as warm.
    • I was 10 and a half, in a Texas schoolroom when the announcement came over the PA system.
    • The stage is constantly transformed, becoming family home, schoolroom, holy well, bog, farmland, graveyard and London street, without a single invasive scene change.
    • The next afternoon, Lydie and the children sat inside the Holden house up in the children's schoolroom.
    • He tells Mrs. Leaf to get him the key for the old schoolroom, which has not been opened in five years since his grandfather was alive; she tells him how dirty it is, but he says he just wants to see it.
    • It had actually been her favourite schoolroom.
    • Children were supposed to spend their days in a schoolroom with their peers, and in specially designated play spaces such as private backyards and playrooms.
    • It is impossible to hate, like the earnest child in a schoolroom who desperately wants to understand long division, but just can't master the logic.
    • Instead of mournfully reflecting on their mined lives, they ‘behaved as if they were in a schoolroom.’
    • The schoolroom seemed oddly quiet as I sat there doing math problems.
    • But it's clearly not just a matter of putting a few computers in a schoolroom.
    • Her father had taught her how to fight, how to run a ship, and anything she would have learned in a schoolroom.
    • She was one of those people that couldn't ever be satisfied with a schoolroom.
    • So, from an early age, they expected her to be in her schoolroom doing something useful.
    • The painting fills him with fear and he has it locked up in an old schoolroom in his house.