Translation of sci-fi in Spanish:


ciencia ficción, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsaɪˌfaɪ/ /ˈsʌɪfʌɪ/


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    ciencia ficción feminine
    • All of the sudden, this alien bothered me much more than any creepy creature from a sci-fi movie.
    • Yes, my friend and I came up with that when we were having a sci-fi movie marathon.
    • While it sounded like something out of a cheesy sci-fi movie, it was a danger Edward had to avoid.
    • And I think he wanted to do it because he had spent a lot of time in period costume and relished the idea of a sci-fi movie.
    • Facial recognition may sound to many people like the topic of a B-rated sci-fi movie.
    • When I read the script, I didn't see it as a sci-fi movie, because it was so human.
    • It's a pleasant change to have a sci-fi movie directed by a woman, with a woman's touch.
    • They were a success since science fiction fans could easily take part in a distinct sci-fi community and culture.
    • The first one was a sci-fi crossed with an action thriller, and we both agreed that it sucked.
    • Are there any more sexy, campy, sci-fi fantasy movies like this out there?
    • And small wonder it fired the imagination of the sci-fi immigrants, who imagined a new frontier in outer space.
    • This is not a sci-fi matter, but a scientific one connected with real physical phenomena.
    • Due to the sci-fi nature of the game, most of the secondary fire functions have some pretty radical side effects.
    • From sci-fi stuff to lots of laughs to reality shows with a twist, it's couch potato heaven.
    • My first explanation is my theory for the sci-fi physics of the electromagnetic storm.
    • In fact, that it isn't, really, a sci-fi film makes it so successful.
    • It's just a very grim and gritty setting for a sci-fi vision of the near future.
    • If you're really itching for a good sci-fi game with a good sense of humor, then look no further.
    • The entire city looked like something from a sci-fi book cover.
    • It appears as an overly elaborate annex or perhaps a sci-fi installation.