Translation of science park in Spanish:

science park


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    polígono de desarrollo tecnológico vinculado a una universidad
    • With further expansion of the crowded park proving difficult due to a lack of land, a second science park is being developed in southern Tainan, increasing demand for high-tech personnel.
    • ‘We have a world-class science park at Porton Down and Boscombe Down,’ he said, ‘and we have a new tourism strategy.’
    • He said: ‘If negotiations to buy the site are successful, it will mean we have a potential home for the science park, which should put us ahead of the game.’
    • The cash will be used to help bioscience, creative and IT firms in the city - including those at the science park in Heslington.
    • The architect behind the science park said today it will help make York ‘the Cambridge of the North’.
    • An innovative science park could be expanded if proposals for a four-storey lab and office block are accepted.
    • This will cater for events, such as wrestling and ice hockey, and will also contain an extensive science park.
    • A biotech park is waiting to be inaugurated and a science park is also planned.
    • That shouldn't be too difficult - the school itself is located in a science park.
    • What a shame, then, that there are proposals to build houses right up to the present country park boundary, with the University and science park a little further off.
    • No wonder some 100 representatives of tech companies convened in mid-November at Taiwan's Hsinchu science park for an urgent meeting.
    • The city government has been facilitating urban development for the science parks, streamlining traffic systems, improving public order and upgrading restaurants and related services, Ma said.
    • It was the time of the Glasgow Garden Festival and early science parks.
    • Why not go to one of the more conventional sort of suburban science parks?
    • There may be an excess of land reserved for certain industries, while that available for science parks is insufficient.
    • State-level science parks in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen have started to deploy incubator programs for both domestic and foreign research initiatives.
    • This is why biotech requires science parks and trustful networking anchored at a location.
    • Anybody looking for a glimpse of the island's IT future, though, might want to skip the glitzy high-tech science parks and instead visit a modest office in Taipei's financial district.
    • An official from the city's Bureau of Commerce and Economy said that the employees hired in these two science parks were engaged in manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing, as well as technology services.
    • The government offers a huge tax reduction for companies in science parks, so the tax has been mainly from the middle class and the local industries.