Translation of scientific in Spanish:


científico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌsaɪənˈtɪfɪk/ /sʌɪənˈtɪfɪk/

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    they were scientific in the way they approached the problem enfocaron el problema de una manera científica
    • On the other hand, industries that rely more on empirical rather than scientific knowledge do less research.
    • The object of the life of study is philosophical or scientific understanding.
    • In the scientific community, the study of alternatives to animal research has become respectable in some quarters.
    • And this is a matter about which there can be sensible debate based on a scientific or at least rational understanding of the world.
    • Empirically a scientific fact has a higher probability of being correct, and should be considered on that basis.
    • Again, it piggybacks off a common theory - the idea of paradigm shifts in scientific understanding.
    • Only recently, however, has the behaviour become the subject of scientific study, and research remains in its infancy.
    • What stands between me and an answer is not a lack of scientific studies into the properties of just actions, nor a lack of experience of justice in my life.
    • That all depends on how valid his scientific research is, now doesn't it?
    • New scientific evidence shows consistent patterns of decline of functioning for four different types of dying.
    • Yet it seemed like all great scientific discoveries were tested first for any possible military applications.
    • But recently it has dawned on me that scientific research is a career worth pursuing.
    • Their study now provides a sound scientific basis for the present standard of care.
    • Now, however, there should be no doubt that it had no sound scientific basis.
    • And so, the first scientific journal, the Philosophical Transactions, was published in 1665.
    • Should the real scientific community participate in this show trial at all?
    • But as scientific knowledge has grown so too have the perceived dimensions of the legal problems of conservation.
    • Remember, now, this poll is not scientific.
    • He is eagerly interested in anything scientific in nature, and careless about the feelings of people around him.
    • Your son's experience may not be scientific, but it certainly is convincing.