Translation of scintillating in Spanish:


centelleante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪn(t)lˌeɪdɪŋ/ /ˈsɪntɪleɪtɪŋ/

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  • 1 literary

    (star/jewel) centelleante
    (star/jewel) fulgurante literary
    • Nestling on the end of a silvery pendant lay a brilliant shifting and shimmering stone of the deepest blue imaginable, shining with scintillating azure starfire.
    • It was her, walking by the ocean, the bright shining sun outlined her scintillating body.
    • The settings are splendid, sparkling, stunning and scintillating.
    • The scintillating sun was already starting to descend and it was starting to get cold, giving my arms goose bumps.
    • The weather was turning cooler but the sun was still scintillating enough to warm my skin.
    • I looked up at the blazing sun and the scintillating blue sky to see an old rusty sign.
    • The background is a solid turquoise blue and creates a scintillating color scheme of migraine-inducing proportions thanks to bright yellow and neon-orange typefaces.
    • There are few experiences in the world as wonderful as floating on a scintillating blue sea gazing down at orange-and white striped clownfish sailing sedately over a bed of purple sea urchins.
    • Cuisine and culture found its finest expression at the famed soirées of Versailles, a vision of ornate carriages, gossamer fabrics and scintillating jewels.
    • The 700-plus islands that make up the Bahamas are set in a sea of scintillating turquoise, where the sand runs the gamut from bleached white through rich ivory to pale blush pink.
    • Some of these approximate perfect round beads, creating scintillating effects in deflecting light rays.
    • Representational elements were gradually submerged in scintillating patterns of colour.
    • In the predawn hours, the sand just barely shimmered, giving each single grain the appearance of a crystal hidden beneath a barely transparent layer of white powder, blending to create the scintillating beach.
  • 2

    (wit/conversation) chispeante
    it was a scintillating performance fue una actuación brillante
    • Likewise, the musical accompaniment shall no doubt be equally scintillating and substantial.
    • These people are hanging on my every word because I am scintillating, and because listening to me is an Improving Experience for them.
    • His trip back to Peru is emotionally scintillating, as are his reflections on the passage of time and the vagaries of memory.
    • Still, if she did not shower these particular scintillating adjectives on her flapper-self, her life proclaimed them.
    • You may think that a particular combination of people will lead to much scintillating conversation, but you've got about a 50% chance of people hating each other at first sight for no reason at all.
    • Making a life insurance narrative scintillating as well as informative is, at the very least, a challenge, yet this author succeeds extraordinarily well on both scores.
    • Each utterance was more scintillating than the last.
    • As in so much of his work, he just can't resist adding that extra scintillating layer of life.
    • He carries around a great vat of nervous energy that makes him at least as wearying as he is scintillating company.
    • Science with Mr Long, I can officially report, is most certainly NOT one of the most scintillating experiences you will ever encounter.
    • Her colours, particularly in Romantic and French Impressionistic repertoire, were quite scintillating.
    • It is a creation of his old age but the scintillating youthful spirit with which it sparkles inclines one to believe that the grand old man was reliving his lost youth through this romantic rhapsody of a story.
    • We had a C & W band, a square dancing group and a club of Texas line dancers who gave us scintillating demonstration with volunteers from the audience taking lessons and having a ball in both the line dancing and squares.
    • Regardless of the choreography, staging, costumes, lighting and music that are woven together to create the most scintillating renderings of the moving human form, one fact still remains.
    • His chapter on Paris art focuses almost exclusively on economics, resulting in what must be one of the least scintillating treatments of the Impressionists ever written.
    • Few image-makers have portrayed the texture and seduction of our overlit technological landscape with such scintillating imaginative power.
    • For example, the idea of not having to look back on your decision to go into your program of choice with regret or uncertainty seems appealing when faced with a lack of scintillating job prospects.
    • During a scintillating career stretching over 30 years, he played the lead in many memorable movies, some of which became classics of cinema.
    • That's all it takes to bring you this scintillating hour.
    • It is a familiar experience that the conversation of people under any form of intoxication, though scintillating to them, is less so to any observer not also under the influence.