Traducción de sclerotic en Español:


esclerótico, adj.

Pronunciación /skləˈrɑdɪk/ /sklɪəˈrɒtɪk/ /skləˈrɒtɪk/

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    a sclerotic economy/administration una economía/administración anquilosada
    • The fact that the government would welcome such politically tendentious rubbish shows how far the sclerotic gestures of the adversary culture have taken over establishment taste.
    • In contrast to the ossified and sclerotic humanities, for example, business studies now accounts for about a third of university activity and teaches about half the foreign students.
    • The War Department in the 1920s was indeed sclerotic, and Mitchell was indeed a visionary.
    • Ritual, law, and taboo are nothing but the institutional edifice of sclerotic priests.
    • And then they in turn became sclerotic, conservative, autocratic, and a drag on their societies, which is what they are now.
    • In Michigan, the problem is sclerotic corporate health-care, pension, and wage policies that are hugely expensive.
    • Compared with the European Union, levels of inequality in the US resemble those of Latin American countries more than so-called sclerotic countries such as France or Germany.
    • It was a symbol that Europe had shed its socialistic, sclerotic traditions, and was now matching the United States and Japan step for step in high tech entrepreneurial achievement.
    • In less than a decade, it has swept through sclerotic Europe like a capitalist hurricane, leaving a fundamentally altered continent in its wake.
    • This, quite apart from political ambitions, will be necessary to prevent the EU's already sclerotic decision-making process simply seizing up.
    • The essential thesis of his book, however, is that the fundamental causes of the defeat were intellectual: France had become an intellectually ossified and sclerotic society.
    • Whatever the truth, it's an entertaining tale of a handsome young Italian with few prospects, sclerotic parents and ambitions to live in the US.
    • But it's a riveting tale with important insights into Japan's culture and its sclerotic system.
    • Harmonisation of taxes, he insisted, would create ‘an economically sclerotic union’.
    • But this confusion simply this reflects the sclerotic nature of the online discussions about copyright.
    • Americans argue that the combination of high taxes and government spending forces everyone into the sclerotic middle income.
    • Financially troubled banks and a sclerotic political system have halted its growth.
    • Third, with cheap rural labour and using simple methods requiring little capital, it was not difficult to compete with the sclerotic State-owned enterprises.
    • We turned inward, stopped investing in ourselves, took in unskilled labour and built a system of protection based on rural rents that made us sclerotic.
    • Reagan became President when America was economically sclerotic.