Traducción de scolding en Español:


reprimenda, n.

Pronunciación /ˈskoʊldɪŋ/ /ˈskəʊldɪŋ/

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    reprimenda femenino
    regañina femenino coloquial
    regañiza femenino México coloquial
    reto masculino Cono Sur
    I gave her a good scolding la reprendí severamente
    • From what I can tell from a number of the scoldings posted, she seemed to raise the ire of many.
    • They represent gentle scoldings of the modern sensibility; they remind us of our unparalleled capacity for complacency and myopia.
    • It seems that in spite of the many scoldings that I had received from him over the years, he really did support my dream from the beginning.
    • She points her finger at me and adopts that scolding tone the French have mastered so well.
    • I gave him the scolding look I usually give to my brother and murmured, ‘Little guy, you are too young to know such words!’