Translation of scoot in Spanish:


salir pitando, v.

Pronunciation /skut/ /skuːt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    salir pitando informal
    irse a toda prisa
    we'll have to scoot to get there in time vamos a tener que salir pitando si queremos llegar a tiempo informal
    • go on, scoot! ¡anda, lárgate!
    • Amy walked towards the restroom, quickly scooting out of people's ways.
    • Lydia scooted away quickly and tried not to blush when he opened his eyes and looked around for her.
    • He's squatting on his haunches, scooting along and slowing his descent by holding to the plants.
    • The Mauritians loved it though, encouraging us as we scooted along the country roads.
    • Eventually he was reduced to scooting along like an inchworm.
    • Brian was scooting frantically along to his side, his head bobbing up and down like a boy in a toy store.
    • Jake became along and scooted off the bed to kneel at my side and place a hand on my shoulder and back.
    • ‘Well, I gotta dash,’ she beamed, grabbing her things and scooting out of the room.
    • ‘Hey,’ he said softly, falling to his knees on the bed and then scooting up to lay next to me.
    • I forced a smile and nodded, scooting so that I was across from her.
    • Tony, now almost six months old, was scooting around on the floor.
    • I gave her a nod and we began scooting further around the house.
    • All the males waved him goodbye, scooting over to fill his empty seat, and obviously not entirely listening to what he said.
    • I sucked in a breath and bolted upright, scooting back in my bed till my back hit the headboard and I couldn't go any further.
    • I stared at him warily before nodding and scooting back towards him.
    • My silence fills the car, and a lone bushel of tumbleweed scooting through the scene wouldn't exactly seem out of place.
    • The couple was scooting down the road, easily catching up with them.
    • Confused, I nevertheless dropped to the floor, scooting away from the window.
    • He opens the door for me, and I slide in, scooting over to save him a trip.
    • He sat down into the curved side of the booth, scooting across the seat, onto the other side of the soft curve.