Translation of scope in Spanish:


alcance, n.

Pronunciation /skoʊp/ /skəʊp/

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  • 1

    (of law, regulations, reform) alcance masculine
    (of influence) ámbito masculine
    (of influence) esfera feminine
    (of investigation, activities) campo masculine
    few can rival him in the scope of his learning pocas personas pueden competir con él en la amplitud de sus conocimientos
    • those concepts are beyond the scope of a child's mind esos conceptos no están al alcance de la inteligencia de un niño
    • The content is specific to areas within the scope of an executive's responsibilities.
    • The classic brand management system usually limited its scope to the relevant market in a single country.
    • And while it matches their first effort in scope and subject matter, the documentaries leave a little something to be desired this time around.
    • The result is that most people don't really understand the broad scope of nursing practice.
    • Some degree of cross-training inevitably develops, broadening the scope of the professional practice of all participants.
    • We have limited the scope of the article in several key areas.
    • However, some practitioners struggle to narrow their broad scope of knowledge and expertise into a focused, publishable topic.
    • No collateral considerations arise which would limit the scope of its duty.
    • The second way to limit the scope of the duty of care is to appeal to arguments of public policy.
    • In 1912, the research scope was broadened to include noninfectious diseases.
    • The work under review represents extends his previous scholarly endeavour by widening his geographical scope to include all of Europe.
    • A third limitation is the study's limited geographical scope.
    • I am realistic enough to know that at times expanding the scope of a project is completely necessary, though.
    • We widened the scope of the paper to include quotes from activists.
    • Articles of any length may be submitted, although short notes of limited scope are discouraged.
    • Yet within the wider scope of the project there is thematic collaboration.
    • What was the intended geographic scope of the disclosure and production ordered?
    • The sheer scope of the work can only be fully appreciated from the air.
    • However, for reasons outside the scope of this article, she did not.
    • Secondly the panel's procedure does not fall within the scope of article 6.
  • 2

    (opportunity, room)
    posibilidades feminine
    the job offers tremendous scope for a person with initiative el puesto ofrece enormes posibilidades a una persona con iniciativa
    • there is still scope for improvement aún se pueden mejorar las cosas
    • students must have scope to develop their own ideas los alumnos deben tener libertad de acción para desarrollar sus propias ideas
    • It became, as a direct consequence, a field where limited opportunities gave plenty of scope for those who were established to exploit those who were eager aspirants.
    • First, the techniques of self-help may create scope for opportunism on the part of secured as against unsecured creditors.
    • For this reason the broadest possible geographical scope for the law of international watercourses is to be preferred.
    • The more differentiated modern societies become, the greater becomes the possible scope for expressively staging social life.
    • This then has led to the second stage of the debate, in which the question becomes: what is the possible scope for multiculturalism within liberal theory?
    • It was these groups that gave an individual his or her identity and set the general scope for life opportunities.
    • Policies must include scope for building capacity at the local level to deal with these new conditions.
    • A good system will allow a great deal of scope for the editor to tailor the effect to their specific needs and personal taste.
    • There is in fact a great deal of scope for students to study the whole range of characters and their relationships.
    • Since a significant element of judgment is involved there will usually be scope for a fairly broad range of possible views, none of which can be categorised as unreasonable.
    • Its possible field of application as well as its scope for design is unlimited.
    • But utilization in the field of Civil Engineering extends ample scope for consuming bulk volume efficiently and economically.
    • Despite stringent laws there is ample scope for improvement as there are a number of loopholes in the existing set-up.
    • The low level of basic social insurance gives great scope for the development of the business version.
    • Grant-in-aid schemes offer little scope for rapid growth particularly when the government is as cash strapped as it is.
    • Currently there is parking available for about twenty cars and ample scope for expansion.
    • However, there is limited scope for growth.
    • He is of a strong view that with rich cattle wealth India had a wide scope for development.
    • They say there is little scope for expansion of existing roads.
    • The town site afforded little scope for later suburban expansion, which would be oriented away from the sea.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (area/surroundings) registrar
    (project) estudiar
    • Let alone getting 250 grand a year to play a bit of footy, in between scoping the scene at Burleigh Heads.
    • Grigory was three miles due west of Natalya's position, scoping out the scene.
    • Then a couple of white guys, hunched over, scoping out the street, looking to score.
    • Detectives are currently "scoping" the allegations to determine whether a full-scale investigation should be launched.
    • Last weekend, we went to the Turners Car Auction to scope it out.
    • The old ones who you see on street corners scoping out the little girls that walk by.
    • Most of those in the off-stage audience were handed invitations by scouters who scoped the city for folks with " the look ".
    • She was fast asleep like a buzzard that had been scoping out prey all day long in a field.
    • According to Bradfield, the center is still scoping out the types of collaborative efforts it might pursue.
    • The principal of a traditional public school is not charged with coaxing capital funds out of voters, scoping out real estate, or overseeing construction.
    • Slattery stiffened, was immediately scoping the area.
    • Having scoped out the space I'm decorating, I now think that I may need around, or above, 700 daisies.
    • Boat crews toured the St. John's River, memorizing landmarks and scoping out the planned security zones.
    • I opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed a pair of scissors for protection, and then scoped out the hallway.
    • I looked over at Jane who was chewing on her straw and scoping the guys in the bar.
    • They offer online tools for creating business plans, finding venture capital, and scoping out the competition.
    • Apparently they would pull national parks out of a hat and then go scope them out, pretty cool idea really.
    • Both of us laugh as we go to scope out the perfect place.
    • We were late, and he was scoping the room for an empty table.
    • I liked to scope the situation out and then make my own team.
    • A ' Futures Team ' is being set up whose purpose is to scope out future innovations for the West Midlands.
    • At least there was plenty of empty ground on which to scope out a hurried new design.
    • Like methods, properties are scoped to their enclosing interface declaration.
    • My officials are constantly scoping out costs to local authorities.
    • The Plymouth Operational Group have had several meetings in which it is scoping the details of opening a Community Justice Court (CJC).
    • "You can end up having to scope your project differently."
    • A real-life example shows the difficulty of the task faced by planners and traffic engineers when trying to scope the effects of planned traffic changes.
    • By highlighting both strengths and deficiencies in current measurement, simulation and algorithm capabilities, the problem can be scoped and key development needs addressed.
    • The review process included a series of workshops to scope the safety and technical issues associated with waste and decommissioning.
    • Many models of health impact assessment exist, but they all encompass a series of similar steps screening, scoping, impact assessment, policy modification, and, in some cases, evaluation.
    • This initial analysis will help you to scope the time and costs involved in advance.