Translation of score draw in Spanish:

score draw

empate, n.

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    (en el que se han marcado goles) empate masculine
    • The result of the case and the attendant publicity might best be described as a score draw littered with own goals.
    • When it comes to sticking out the neck for a prediction, expect the Spanish outfit to register at least one goal on the break, possibly scraping the score draw that will take them through.
    • I'm predicting a high score draw, then a tight extra time period as both teams settle for pens.
    • There were four score draws and one no score draw.
    • This is effectively a score draw with the Liberals, but it was a disaster for the Conservatives.
    • After missing the recent score draw against Everton, I have now sat through 450 minutes of Premiership soccer at the Reebok without celebrating a Wanderers goal.
    • Much as we are entertained by Ken's antics, we can't escape the feeling that his remarks were on the wrong side of offensive so we'll call this particular incident a score draw.
    • Several other members of the audience judged the bout to have been a score draw with neither providing a knock-out punch to the other's chances.
    • Thus far the race could best be described as a score draw.
    • Londonist predicts a score draw, which will keep this tie very much alive.
    • Liverpool only need a score draw to lift the trophy, but Ajax took the lead after 34 minutes.
    • Mind you, how he kept a straight face when he called the results a score draw I do not know.
    • Aston and Waterford are the two contenders for the Munster division league title, with Aston needing a win and Waterford a score draw from this match.
    • Finally, a six goal festival saw Bangkok United share the points with the Bulls Head Brazilians in a game that can only be described as a score draw.
    • We have a score draw on the omens front - as we'd approached the Rocks, an eagle had soared lazily above them.
    • Assuming we discount a 3-3 or higher score draw, Rangers need a victory to cancel out the 2-2 first-leg result.
    • There were five score draws and 13 no score draws.
    • There were eight score draws and 14 no score draws.
    • There were eight score draws and seven no score draws.
    • Three teams pulled out so they played a round-robin competition in which York had two wins, two score draws and two 1-0 defeats.