Translation of scoreboard in Spanish:


marcador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈskɔrˌbɔrd/ /ˈskɔːbɔːd/

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    marcador masculine
    • The athletes and swimmers got to compete in world class stadia and for most, seeing their names displayed on the giant scoreboards was a once in a lifetime experience.
    • Waterloo dominated the play throughout the game, lighting up the scoreboard with its first goal midway through the first half.
    • Although the Golden Hawks were unable to score any more touchdowns, they were able to add two field goals to the scoreboard before the end of the game.
    • You see its blue elliptical logo emblazoned on Olympic scoreboards.
    • There's a big drive through a big deer park and a big sign at the start like a cricket scoreboard informing how many big deer have been killed on the road this year.
    • The scoreboard informed her that the two runners that Trent had left on base had scored.
    • At long last both the men and women's hockey squads achieved victory this past weekend, as goaltenders shined and players lit up the scoreboards, giving the coaching staffs of both these teams a reason to smile.
    • They had a covered grandstand and a scoreboard which attracted a large and rowdy home crowd with streaking blue garbage can drummers.
    • The scoreboard had already shown that Denver had won their match over Miami 7-3, and this had settled the Woodpushers into last place for the rest of the year.
    • It stays true to its basketball analogy: racking up points on the scoreboard is the name of the game.
    • Stealing a glance at the scoreboard, she discovered that they had won the game.
    • He's not a player in the rap game so much as a signpost, a scoreboard of rap's accomplishments thus far.
    • These are some of the most beautiful renderings of baseball stadiums seen, and on top of that are the animated scoreboards and surrounding stadium features that are the envy of many a sports game.
    • He saw the scoreboard: the score was 6-0 in their favor.
    • Though the scoreboard showed a difference of 12 points at the full-time whistle, the game was much closer than that reflected, with some outstanding performances from both sides.
    • When their child scores a goal we flash it up on scoreboards and parents know that their son or daughter is another step closer to the Olympics.
    • It raised $2.7 million over four years to give the Springdale, Arkansas, team new artificial turf and a scoreboard featuring video replays.
    • Every week, he runs a scoreboard of winners and losers, based on projected overall grosses and often questionable production cost estimates.
    • Imagine a football game with no scoreboard, no overriding authority and no rules: That's what arguments are like.
    • London finally got themselves on the scoreboard late in the half, but four more goals flew past a stunned London goalie, making the half time score a convincing 9-1.