Translation of scorecard in Spanish:


tarjeta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈskɔrkɑrd/ /ˈskɔːkɑːd/

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    (en que se anota la puntuación en deportes como el boxeo y el golf) tarjeta feminine
    late again! — are you keeping a scorecard? ¡otra vez tarde! — ¿ es que llevas la cuenta?
    • They're the ones who bring their own scorebooks to Olympic Stadium, keeping a game-by-game account of what is likely to be the Expos' final season in Montreal.
    • He then concludes Chapter 2 with an excellent discussion about digital and analog chess clocks, scorebooks, scoresheets, and other equipment.
    • But knowing what I've signed up for, I've left my scorebook in New York City this time.
    • To save time, pre-print the scoresheets with the players' names and numbers listed.
    • The school was one of four to win a set of equipment, including bats, pads, gloves, balls and stumps as well as a scorebook, rule book and kit bag.
    • Each pair has a number to identify them, and this must also be entered on the scoresheet, to show whose result it is.
    • I just had a fascination for cricket, the history of cricket, probably picked up from listening to Test broadcasts and a fascination to find out more about these names in scoresheets, to find out something about the people behind the names.
    • Let's hope it's one of those plastic-coated, wipe-clean scoresheets.
    • But they forget that it's not the balls faced that go into the scorebooks.
    • So I packed my suitcase, tossed in my scorebook, and headed for Japan.
    • At that point, I dropped my scorebook and threw my hands in the air in disgust.
    • The scorebook still has plenty of room for new games, so I dragged it back to New York City.
    • I went through the gym doors and found myself standing in a large gym with the red scorebook in one hand and my lucky neon pink pencil in the other, just looking around.
    • An overall score was derived by adding scores in key targets and the balanced scorecard.
    • They're putting your lists and notes and scoresheets into the bags.
    • The balanced scorecard is one common approach, which covers financial strength, customer satisfaction, business processes, innovation and learning.
    • Note that this doubling only affects the final scores on the scoresheet; the bids and game values are unaffected.
    • Included with the disc is an illustrated book that serves as a scorecard of the story's major characters and events.
    • After arriving at the golf course, and entering the clubhouse, they picked up a scorecard for each of them.
    • The Semi-Official Euchre Tournament Page has seating arrangements and scorecards for Euchre tournaments for various numbers of players.