Traducción de scornful en Español:


desdeñoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈskɔrnfəl/ /ˈskɔːnfʊl/ /ˈskɔːnf(ə)l/

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    (person/manner/laughter) desdeñoso
    he was scornful of my attempts menospreció / desdeñó mis intentos
    • She swallowed, trying to control her fury as Matt's scornful laughter reached her ears once again.
    • Before he could reach it, they opened and a large gang of girls trooped out, howling with scornful laughter.
    • She gave him a slightly scornful glance, and he racked his brains to see if he could find the reason for the non sequitur.
    • Kant was critical of every other view, scornful, mocking, or at least he aimed to be.
    • The blogger's reaction to this is scornful, I think he wants it to be seen as ironic outrage, but scorn is what its written all over his post.
    • When I was still studying I was pretty scornful of mainstream movies.
    • I was wearing gumboots and a singlet, and thought I would draw scornful gazes towards such disheveled attire.
    • United by outlook as well as professional background, the comics rarely disagree about the targets of their scornful onslaughts.
    • But I just feel myself withdrawing and getting a bit scornful of others who are managing to cut loose.
    • His criticisms and scornful attitude angered a lot of viewers.
    • It was handed over in a brown paper bag, but not before the newsagent had asked me loudly in scornful tones if I had already bought this edition.
    • Small things amuse small minds, she says, scornful of the rude slapstick humor they practice.
    • He gave my upraised cup a scornful look, snorted, and left to talk to someone else.
    • Both had a gypsy-like disregard of convention; both were brazenly scornful of public opinion.
    • Not surprisingly, management are scornful of such talk and refused to even grace such allegations with a comment.
    • It was at the time an unfashionable view, and medical colleagues were scornful.
    • In fact, the only laughter he had heard from her was either scornful or sarcastic, and was usually directed at him.
    • Extravagant in his praise of the fans and players and scornful of the Football Association and the hooligans, he wears his Three Lions with pride.
    • She sounded scornful when she said this, and William was offended, for he loved his older brother dearly.
    • He came back impressed by the company's scale but scornful of the inefficiencies.