Traducción de scorpion en Español:


escorpión, n.

Pronunciación /ˈskɔrpiən/ /ˈskɔːpɪən/

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    escorpión masculino
    alacrán masculino
    • As the frog struggles against the current with the scorpion on his back, he suddenly feels the piercing sting of the scorpion's tail.
    • Some of the more poisonous scorpions lived in the deserts of Egypt.
    • A few yards away, a South African officer has found one of the small but highly poisonous scorpions which infest the area.
    • Turning swiftly toward its prey, the scorpion darts forward with pincers outstretched, finally grabbing and stinging its victim.
    • Inceoglu collected venom - carefully - by permitting scorpions to sting vials covered with a film.