Hay 2 traducciones principales de scotch en Español

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echar por tierra, v.

Pronunciación /skɑtʃ/ /skɒtʃ/

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verbo transitivo

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    (plan/efforts) echar por tierra
    (plan/efforts) frustrar
    (rumors) acallar
    (rumors) poner fin a
    • At Monday's Civic Centre Committee meeting, the Councillor said rumours needed to be scotched.
    • The records showed his plan had been scotched by a hail of objections from all four of our adjoining neighbours - plus, it seemed, one other mystery objector.
    • The US quickly stepped in to scotch any such plan.
    • Rumours of a publicity ruse have not entirely been scotched.
    • He is anxious to continue to represent Laois in the Dáil, and tries to scotch the widely held view that he is a shoo-in for a seat.
    • The old charisma is back and all those rumours of flab injections can be scotched once and for all - until the next time.
    • The EU has scotched the name the company had planned for the unbundled versions of its operating system that it must ship in Europe as result of last year's antitrust decree.
    • However, a recent article scotches this by putting the position of UK manufacturing in context.
    • Merchandising and media deals have been scotched because the comic book seemed to be skewing ‘too adult.’
    • The journalist suggests that his investigation may have been what scotched the Kerik nomination.
    • The Fish and Wildlife Service manipulated data so protection for panthers could be scotched.
    • The government should have scotched this one immediately or announced the appointment.
    • Even meditation hasn't managed to scotch his burning desire for fame, glamour and ‘loads of money’.
    • The high command had decided to launch the invasion on the 5th of June, but bad weather had scotched that date.
    • So there was a possibility that Italy could even tilt the balance in the final, but Brazil scotched all hopes with an excellent display.
    • Credit rating agency Standard and Poors has scotched claims that the economy has bottomed out and recovery is imminent.
    • He scotched all such fears with a breezy and fluent effort.
    • Communicate frankly and regularly with your people; scotch wild stories before they get started.
    • It was because of this settlement that my original article was eventually scotched - there being no further story to write.
    • History teaches us that unless these pernicious tendencies are scotched, they grow to become unmanageable monsters later on.

Hay 2 traducciones principales de Scotch en Español

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whisky (escocés), n.

Pronunciación /skɑtʃ/ /skɒtʃ/


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    whisky (escocés) masculino
    güisqui (escocés) masculino
    a glass of Scotch un (vaso de) whisky / güisqui
    • He demanded a great deal of money, complete privacy, a limo to transport him to and from the meeting and a bottle of the best single malt Scotch at each session.
    • In the same way that a previous generation explored and experimented with single malt Scotch, today's consumers are learning about tequilas and mezcals.
    • He fumbled with the lock on the door to his apartment, looking forward to a stiff shot of single-malt Scotch before fixing dinner.
    • ‘While some might think this dessert is normally made with Scotch, the traditional recipe is actually brown sugar, milk and butter,’ says Short.
    • While this style represents less than 10% of all Scotch sold in the U.S., it has been gaining popularity over the past decade.


uso criticado
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    (person/tune/town) escocés
    • Five round tables covered with Scotch plaid cloths occupy most of the space.
    • We don't specify Scotch beef on our menus because that is what our clients expect when they eat with us and that is what they get.
    • Shoppers are being duped into buying foreign meat which has been inaccurately labelled as Scotch beef, farmers' leaders have claimed.
    • Elsewhere the dialogue recovers and proves capable of poking a little borax at the rigid principles and habits of Scotch piety.
    • Finlay quotes her remark: ‘Scotch air, Scotch people, Scotch hills, Scotch rivers, Scotch woods are all preferable to those of any other nation in the world.’