Translation of Scotch mist in Spanish:

Scotch mist

bruma, n.

See Spanish definition of bruma


  • 1

    (wet mist)
    bruma feminine
    • It's lovely to see everyone in the city again and I'm pleased to see that Glasgow has the same sort of Scotch mist as we do back in Glenbogle.
    • We had to provide equipment to demist it, otherwise you'd only have seen them through Scotch mist, Masters said.
    • The entire ballet is set amid a swirl of supernatural Scotch mist.
  • 2

    (fantasy, mirage)
    their plans are just so much Scotch mist sus planes son castillos en el aire
    • what's this, Scotch mist? ¿y esto qué es, no tienes ojos en la cara?