Translation of scout car in Spanish:

scout car

vehículo de reconocimiento, n.


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    vehículo de reconocimiento masculine
    • The scout car's armor would stop bullets from weapons the guerillas had ammunition for, like machine guns and assault rifles.
    • The BRDM four-wheel-drive amphibious scout car first appeared in the spring of 1959 and rapidly became the standard light wheeled reconnaissance vehicle in most of the Warsaw Pact armies.
    • He was one of the four man crew of a wireless scout car providing air support for front line troops by relaying messages between Infantry and Army HQ.
    • Early during World War II, mechanized cavalry was primarily motorized with jeeps and only light scout cars and halftracks.
    • Starting light with Jeeps and armored scout cars, cavalry quickly evolved into heavier forces with armored cars, light tanks, and assault guns.