Translation of scrabble in Spanish:


escarbar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈskræbəl/ /ˈskrab(ə)l/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (dog/chicken) escarbar
    they were scrabbling in the dust for the coins escarbaban en la tierra buscando las monedas
    • I was scrabbling frantically for a foothold buscaba desesperadamente un lugar donde apoyar el pie
    • I was scrabbling about in the dark looking for my key estaba buscando la llave a tientas en la oscuridad
    • There are several false alarms, but eventually his dogs scrabble madly at the base of a tree.
    • Birds and other unseen creatures scrabble about in the windswept bushes of central park, but I would rather not deliberate too much about that.
    • This sunny, summer evening, we are watching small dogs scrabble around on a drab linoleum floor.
    • He was leaning on the railings, munching a meat pie and watching as the birds scrabbled for the crumbs.
    • Both of the pitiful creatures shot away, scrabbling with claws and paws across the floor and out of sight.
    • During the day, he paces up and down and puts his head on her lap; during nocturnal episodes, he barks and scrabbles against the bedroom door.
    • His serenity makes you feel like a clucking chicken, scrabbling and pecking at the dusty ground, while he sits back and watches.
    • Last year one dog had to have two toes amputated after scrabbling insanely at his pen.
    • It may be an idea to have no bare earth for the cats to scrabble in.
    • When it finished scrabbling, the rat would believe the faeces to be buried.
    • We've also had to put some rodent poison up there as something is scrabbling around - we haven't seen it so we don't know what!
    • For a moment the kitten disappeared, then resurfaced, scrabbling frantically at the treacherous surface that gave no hold.
    • The pigeons on the ledge outside scrabbled from side to side, as Catherine tapped at the glass with a fingernail.
    • Therre was no scratching and scrabbling in the dirt for these birds.
    • This one hatched faster than the first, fierce little claws punching through the fragile shell and scrabbling to get free.
    • Kaiyo's body twisted on the floor, paws scrabbling at the tile, tails flaring as if casting a spell.
    • ‘Look, there's a nuthatch scrabbling on the tree trunk,’ the mother tells the little girl.