Translation of scrambler in Spanish:


scrambler, n.

Pronunciation /ˈskræmb(ə)lər/ /ˈskramblə/


  • 1

    (dispositivo que codifica una señal de manera que solo pueda ser interpretada con un descodificador) scrambler masculine
    • Furthermore, these devices should be additionally provided with scramblers to protect transmitted information.
    • Telephone scramblers, then in their infancy, were available to staff at senior headquarters.
    • Midian's TVS - 2 Series of scramblers utilize the frequency hopping type of rolling code encryption for higher security.
    • You just know someone is now working on a device to block the scrambler, while some visionary is starting on a device to scramble the blocker that blocks the scrambler.
    • Right now, he was contacting them on the special digital phone with a voice scrambler.
    • Kilkenny noticed the disappointment anyway, despite the scrambler's odd characteristic of rendering voices emotionless during the scrambling and unscrambling process.
    • I flipped open a pouch on my thigh and took out an electrical scrambler, made specifically for rendering anything electronic useless.
    • Unless you want to fork out £50 for a phone scrambler and subsequently draw attention to yourself, do not call directly from work.
    • The antiterrorist operation points to the need of using, on the tactical level, modern compact communication facilities with in-built scramblers.
    • The arms manufacturer has developed scramblers which throw missile-guidance systems off course.