Translation of scratchy in Spanish:


áspero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈskrætʃi/ /ˈskratʃi/

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adjective scratchier, scratchiest

  • 1

    (wool/sweater) áspero
    (wool/sweater) que raspa
    (wool/sweater) que pica
    your beard's scratchy tu barba pincha
    • Rose's fingers were numb from the cold, white with sharply marked red tips, and they stung bitterly as she dug them into his scratchy coat.
    • ‘Check to see if your guitar is in there,’ I laughed, grabbing the thick, scratchy wool blanket off the couch.
    • Did you know that sacking-like scratchy large-weave fabric with vaguely hairy fibres, the stuff they put on display screens and trendy flower arrangements, is called Hessian?
    • Scared out of my wits, dressed all in shimmering white fabric and scratchy yet beautiful white lace, I felt all alone in the foreign country of England.
    • The good news is that today's sexy lingerie is no longer uncomfortable, scratchy and unpractical.
    • It was originally covered in scratchy brown fabric.
    • The rough prison blanket had felt scratchy through his regulation pyjamas.
    • Avoid wearing clothes made out of scratchy materials like wool.
    • Some wools are scratchy giving some people the idea that they are ‘allergic’ to wool.
    • ‘It's broken,’ she whispered, finally breaking her gaze with Chris, plucking at the scratchy blanket on the bed.
    • She rolled over on her thin pallet, on the bottom bunk, pulling her scratchy military-issue blanket tighter around her.
    • The scratchy blankets were tucked around her, and Robert was spooned behind her against the wall.
    • She disappeared for a moment, reappearing with scratchy woollen blankets.
    • It itched and felt dry and scratchy against his skin.
    • I was greeted by grey bleakness and a scratchy woolen blanket and a hard wooden floor.
    • Andy and I sat on the edge of the dock, dangling our legs into the water with the rough, scratchy boards underneath us and the sun blazing down from above.
    • The skirt was made of a scratchy woollen mohair beneath a satin bodice.
    • She would have given anything to get out of her painful tan heels, white knee-length dress, and scratchy light brown hat and put on some torn jeans and tennis shoes.
    • Nicole embraced Kim tightly, the mesh sleeves of her black shirt scratchy against Kim's arms.
    • The salt water he had used to clean off the worst of the gunk made his clothing stiff and scratchy.
  • 2

    (record) rayado
    (pen/nib) que raspa
    some rather scratchy violins unos violines algo chirriantes
    • He winced, still recalling her scratchy laughter and screeching voice.
    • ‘Great outfit,’ Joey said disguising his voice with scratchy sounds.
    • ‘C'mere horsey,’ the woman called in a harsh, scratchy voice.
    • ‘Much,’ was the answer, but Stef's voice was still scratchy, and didn't sound much like him at all.
    • His scratchy voice was meant to sing blues, though, and he'd sound like he was singing the blues no matter what type of music he's singing.
    • While I sat up all night in fear of a cracker-nibbling rat, trying to watch TV and ignore the ludicrously loud scratchy noises, I was contemplating my happiness.
    • The father asked in a scratchy voice, ‘Why was I not told of this?’
    • ‘I look forward to it, then,’ came a soft and scratchy voice from behind.
    • ‘Water please,’ she managed to say in a scratchy voice.
    • Her voice was still scratchy from sleep though.
    • The singer's scratchy voice and world-weary acoustic songs are nastily refreshing, and his lyrics are positively bewitching.
    • After he chewed it for a few moments, Frank said in a deep, scratchy voice, ‘Thank you!’
    • ‘Sire, phase one of the plan is completed,’ the monster snarled in his scratchy voice.
    • When he talks his voice is scratchy and foreign to me.
    • She hands me the cell phone and a small, scratchy voice apologizes but says that after a trip to the doctor and a chance to revive, she will see me at her home.
    • The reporter, in his scratchy voice, asked her to retell her story.
    • Her regularly soft voice is scratchy, disclosing the unspoken knowledge of sleepless nights and drowsy days.
    • It was a really long song, and his singing voice was scratchy and cracked every few seconds.
    • You could tell because his voice is very scratchy from all the smoking he did in his youth.
    • Music and lights and laughter, scratchy laughter that even in its ugliness sounded happier than mine.
    • Thoughtless musical parasites nearly brought the entire record industry to its knees by recording scratchy vinyl or crackly medium wave onto hissy cassettes.
    • When I was a kid in the fifties, the whole of our primary school would gather on the lawn while a bugle played off a scratchy record and the Head read the obligatory poem.
    • We had a few scratchy records, a disco deck, a microphone, a small transmitter and a desire in our hearts to try to create something that people would be proud of.
    • I bought Toast 4.0 for the Mac, since it's good for cleaning up old scratchy records and transferring them to CDs.
    • I've heard guys in New York who sound just like Charlie Parker, but it's like a scratchy record of Parker.
    • Medicine was hard, and he should work at it hard instead of fooling about learning to dance or listening to opera on scratchy expensive records.
    • My parents also flinched when I put on my scratchy gramophone records of German symphonies, and prepared for complaints from the neighbours.
    • None of the members of the band knew the instrument firsthand; Mr. Richmond learned how to play it from scratchy old records.
    • He was inspired to try his hand at poetry in high school, when he bought a scratchy Dylan Thomas record at a garage sale.
    • This new collection manages to refresh some scratchy old records, but also to bring home the inherent power of the blues to entertain.
    • When he started preproduction for the project, he scoured music shops around New York, buying every scratchy old record he could find.
    • The songs on the album were all scratchy, new-wavey and sounded like they had been recorded in an upturned tin bath.
    • The only copy I had of the album was an old tattered cassette I recorded from my college radio station's scratchy vinyl copy.
    • I tried to get a number for Gallo through a record company that released some scratchy, self-indulgent folk albums of his.
    • I was recording the analog noise between tracks on a scratchy old copy of Karl Muck conducting Parzifal with the Bayreuth Festival Chorus onto a cassette tape.
    • Skipping over the scratchy part, she began to sing with the record, her voice throaty, a low rasp.
    • They gave him a scratchy 78 rpm vinyl recording of a train and dynamite explosions in a stone quarry.
    • Over and over he plays a scratchy recording of the sparrow's call.
    • Previously, many people had marvelled at the fact that using a steel needle, a revolving table and a horn you could hear a scratchy and very constrained recording of music or song.
    • Until reintroduced by the CJB, we had to scrounge in Salvation Army Stores and junk shops searching for scratchy old copies of original recordings.
  • 3

    (writing/drawing) garabateado
    • When the works were viewed side by side, de Kooning's brushwork really did look like a blowup of Soutine's scratchy strokes.
    • Hope's rather scratchy sketch shows the western end of the gallery with two Greek Doric columns framing a view of the organ.
    • He was wearing black faded jeans, and a red t-shirt with ‘Sporks Rule Me’ etched in black scratchy writing across it.
    • The collection of new work seems to follow that same artistic idea, with lots of small models and scratchy sketches all contributing towards one central theme.
    • Begin with a few scratchy sketches and then move to the canvas.
    • Below the word, which ran across the chest, was a fashionably scratchy picture of what he presumed was meant to be a tennis racquet.
    • Her style has tended toward the expressionistic - fitful and scratchy.
    • McKean's scratchy, angular drawings, reminiscent of Victorian etchings, add an ominous edge that helps ensure this book will be a real bedtime-buster.
    • The chasm is not a peaceful picturesque place, but a reminder of nature's power, which is emphasized by the scratchy crosshatching of the drawing.
    • Pope has a scratchy, dark drawing style that tosses characters and objects together in an impressionistic jumble.
    • He works in a scratchy, unpolished drawing style that looks like something put down in haste right after the event.
    • It was the bringer of the gray shade, the darker part of him coming to life in a shady drawing of scratchy stick figures.
    • His magnificent scratchy drawing skills are in global demand.
    • Did he ever pay a similar tribute to Smith's scratchy writings, or study his famous map?
    • While Galambos' black and white pen drawings at times seem a little scratchy and lacking in polish, he has a nice sense of design.
    • The poem is still at the Jackson Pollock stage - a mess of scratchy lines and blobs of ink on a yellow ground.
    • His linework was scratchy, his modelling often stiff, and his eye for perspective shaky.
    • His scratchy pen portraits might focus on children but this volume is strictly adults only.
    • The artist likes to float between scratchy, airy paintings and thicker, impasto works, such as in some of the paintings of cows.
    • Her vague, scratchy, grayish images look kind of like piles of bent wire already, and they might be more interesting in three dimensions.