Translation of scrawny in Spanish:


esquelético, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈskrɔni/ /ˈskrɔːni/

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adjective scrawnier, scrawniest

  • 1

    (person) esquelético
    (person) escuálido
    (person) canijo
    (arms/legs) esquelético
    (arms/legs) descarnado
    • Inside the gas station, Tom talks to George, who is a thin, blond-haired, scrawny fellow.
    • She was scrawny, dangerously thin some said, and stiff, as though her bones ached.
    • He left the office and road hard for a while before arriving at a ranch, where he was greeted by a tall and scrawny man with a long, thin mustache.
    • After years of wrestling scrawny teenagers, his dedication is actually put to the test when he will have to pick on someone his own size.
    • Many people still live in mud huts, grow all their own food, and rely on the one scrawny cow in the back yard for subsistence.
    • A scrawny dog lay in the doorway of a hut, yawning widely.
    • The stillness of the scene was suddenly disrupted when a scrawny dog ran into view.
    • I honestly thought Cam ‘in person’ would be your usual scrawny writer/artist type.
    • She was scrawny and flea-ridden, but her manners were impeccable as she gently placed her paw on my arm, as if to lay claim to me.
    • I always remember him as a rather scrawny kid who used to ref our senior games when the official referee didn't turn up.
    • You're established and then, all of a sudden, some young scrawny kid comes out of the youth team and takes your place in the side.
    • Paws thudded on the ground nearby, and a small scrawny wolf darted out of the brush, headed in an erratic fashion to the path.
    • Giggling toddlers play among scrawny chickens and bleating goats.
    • The way his mother tells it, Allen was a scrawny kid who the high school football players used to carry to class on their shoulders.
    • I'm naturally a pretty scrawny guy, so we cut out cardio entirely and just focused on bulking up.
    • They were scrawny little things and their eyes had that slightly sunken in look from malnutrition.
    • Staring down at the scrawny man, Jonah wondered what he had ever been afraid of.
    • Red screamed, " How can you be so strong when you're so scrawny?
    • He wrenched him around and grasped his scrawny neck in a dangerously tight headlock.
    • He looked scrawny in his baggy clothes, but I knew that he was very strong.