Translation of scream in Spanish:


grito, n.

Pronunciation /skrim/ /skriːm/

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  • 1

    (loud cry)
    grito masculine
    chillido masculine
    (louder) alarido masculine
    a scream of terror un grito / un alarido de terror
    • screams of laughter carcajadas
    • the scream of the seagulls el chillido de las gaviotas
    • A low rumbling and high-pitched scream of an animal came from somewhere out in the fog.
    • He grabbed it around the neck and the animal let out a scream of fear.
    • Alain cupped his ears as the creature's high pitched scream shattered every window pane in the room.
    • Then the world was reduced to a maddening thrum frequently pierced by the high-pitched scream of generators.
    • They weren't really alarms; they were more like high-pitched whistles or screams.
    • From the hallway, the high-pitched screams of the heart monitor could be clearly heard and it resonated in Lucas' ears.
    • More than 700 alarms, which emit a high-pitched 130 decibel scream, have been sold in a four-day frenzy.
    • The bell resounded at its high-pitch scream and last-minute stragglers rushed in.
  • 2 informal

    (sth, sb funny)
    she's a real scream ¡es graciosísima!
    • it was a scream when she fell estuvo divertidísimo / fue para morirse de risa cuando se cayó
    • Some of the perfunctory descriptions they offer of the movies they sell on DVD are a scream.
    • According to my sources, the movie, titled In The Closet, is a real scream.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person) gritar
    (person) chillar
    (baby) llorar a gritos
    (baby) berrear
    (wind) aullar literary
    to scream at sb gritarle a algn
    to scream for sth
    let go of me or I'll scream suéltame o me pongo a gritar / a chillar literary
    • to scream with pain/fear gritar de dolor/de miedo
    • they were screaming with laughter se estaban riendo a carcajadas
    • she screamed with laughter soltó una risotada
    • The victim's older brother recalled seeing his brother in the garden seconds before he heard him screaming in pain.
    • I went outside and phoned all our friends and family, and came back to the ward to hear your mother screaming with pain.
    • I screamed when the pain began then bit my bottom lip refusing to scream again.
    • By the end of the entire ordeal, my cheeks were tear-stained and my lips raw from biting back the pain rather than screaming out loud again.
    • Rachel screamed out in pain as tears began rolling down her cheeks.
    • He screams in pain when he learns that his wife has been killed in the explosion.
    • It's very unpleasant for a reasonably proud person such as myself to be in a position where I'm screaming with pain.
    • He screamed loudly in agony and flew bolt upright, clutching his arm and cursing.
    • I was practically screaming at the top of my lungs by the end.
    • I almost screamed in frustration, was it always about the game with her?
    • Suddenly, he heard voices screaming in terror, horrible shrieks emitting from the front grounds.
    • Her hands were shaking, her body trembling but her voice screamed forcefully into the phone.
    • She screamed in horror as she fell, thinking she was soon to die.
    • She threw her arms around Noah, still jumping and screaming with joy.
    • She screamed into her pillow, releasing her frustration into the creamy white sheet.
    • Eva screamed with delight, hugging her sister tightly when she opened the door.
    • They took Lydia and me back to the house, with Lydia screaming the entire time.
    • Meanwhile, security forces dragged screaming residents out of homes, and settlers elsewhere burned houses and fields in protest.
    • I then threw the sheet aside and ran screaming from his house.
    • But before they could make any other moves, someone screamed at the top of their lungs.
    • The sirens screamed even louder as the ambulance had arrived.
    • The loud sirens screamed through the quiet night lighting up everything in its path.
    • There are firetrucks and ambulances everywhere, sirens screaming.
    • As we were leaving the scene, we passed at least four fire trucks heading towards the park, sirens screaming.
    • They won't then send an ambulance with sirens screaming and bells ringing and that sort of thing.
    • When the air raid sirens screamed, they left in their apartment building scrambled for the cellar.
    • Traffic became grid-locked and sirens screamed as fire engines and ambulances tried to negotiate a way through the chaos.
    • Ambulance sirens screamed as if enraged at the sight of a Baghdad car bombing.
    • To my surprise the ambulance siren screamed to life and the vehicle departed heading east to the highway.
    • The car followed, lights flashing and sirens screaming.
    • Following a minor road accident, the tourist was rushed by paramedics, all sirens screaming, to a local hospital.
    • Police cars start arriving at the docks with lights flashing and sirens screaming, as irate ferry workers haul a body out of the water.
    • When Hannah opened her eyes, she found herself lying on a stretcher, with sirens screaming loudly in her ears.
    • I had thought they were so cool wearing those yellow jackets and red hats, riding around on big red trucks with sirens screaming.
    • They only stop kissing as their friend pulls them apart due to the police sirens screaming loudly a few streets away.
    • Thankfully, the EMS was located just around the corner, their approaching sirens screaming.
    • A steady stream of ambulances was coming out of the school drive, all with lights flashing and sirens screaming into the leaden sky.
    • The sirens of an ambulance screamed on the way to the hospital, alerting everyone that a tragedy had occurred.
    • A loud piercing alarm began screaming throughout the vast and dark room.
    • The drone of aircraft propellers and thump of helicopter rotors made way for screaming auto engines and squealing tyres.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (insult) gritar
    (insult) soltar
    (command) dar a voces
    (command) dar a gritos
    to scream sth at sb gritarle algo a algn
    they screamed abuse at him lo insultaron a voz en cuello
    • she screamed out his name gritó su nombre
    • There are the odd occasions where they shout and scream abuse and are taken off to Westlea Police Station.
    • He was driven to Harrogate police station screaming abuse throughout the journey.
    • If most of your weekends are spent watching the footy and screaming instructions and abuse at the players on TV, then why not put your vast football knowledge to better use.
    • When a woman saw two men arrive in a car outside a public house, she tried to scream a warning to the man she believed to be their target.
    • Blaze ran into the house, screaming something about telling Auri, while Ariella just stood there silently.
    • He told me that it finally ended with his ex after she spent six hours screaming abuse in his face in their living room.
    • As I wrestled with her on the pavement she screamed abuse in my face and tried to kick Paul.
    • She screamed a high pitch screech and turned to face the voice.
    • It was now he started screaming, ‘The house is really on fire. Get anything you can and get out!’
    • Her mother was screaming filthy obscenities and it was wrong of her to do that.
    • With the crowd screaming our last name like there was no tomorrow, a mother was proud.
    • Mila's solace was then disrupted when she heard a group of people from the crowd scream her name.
    • All three blogs wrote that Wilson later stormed down Senate halls, screaming obscenities.
    • He is the perfect example of a teenager that is all but screaming aloud for help.
    • Three people were down the hall, and a girl was screaming for help.
    • A neighbour heard the women screaming for help, pleading with her son to stop.
    • A nurse came rushing in, and upon seeing my anger, screamed for a doctor.
    • His burning impulse is to exit in sound and fury, screaming outright the profane secrets he merely hinted at in his earlier comments.
    • Halfway through Smyth is screaming what sounds like ‘Lenny Henry!’
    • For a moment it sounded like a woman screaming for help.