Translation of screech in Spanish:


alarido, n.

Pronunciation /skritʃ/ /skriːtʃ/

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  • 1

    (of terror, pain) alarido masculine
    (of terror, pain) grito masculine
    (of joy) chillido masculine
    (of joy) grito masculine
    (of brakes) chirrido masculine
    (of brakes) rechinón masculine Mexico
    (of siren) pitido masculine
    (of siren) aullido masculine
    she gave a screech of pain soltó un alarido de dolor
    • we heard their screeches of delight oímos sus chillidos de alegría
    • screeches of laughter risotadas
    • The piercing screech from the next room was so immediate and pained that it snapped me to instant alertness.
    • Her mouth opened wide and she let out a piercing screech.
    • She let out a loud screech, and he laughed again and pulled her back up.
    • They both jumped when a piercing screech echoed off the rocks around them.
    • There's the piercing screech of cats fighting and the clatter of bins somewhere in the blackness.
    • She heard the panicked squawks, and fierce screeches.
    • I try to quieten her screeches of laughter by shaking her, to no avail.
    • Footsteps, heavy and burdened echoed as a high pitched screech melded into a frightened scream.
    • Needless to say, Christy's high pitched screech gave them an immense amount of enjoyment.
    • "Klay… " Flora started, but then a shrill screech sounded outside the cottage.
    • She greeted his solemn speeches with, according to a Victorian historian, " screeches of laughter".
    • The screech of a seagull echoed in her ears.
    • His screech of pain did not entirely drown out Taro's grunt of discomfort.
    • I heard someone scream, though to me it sounded more like a screech.
    • I can make extremely high-pitched sounds and screeches!
    • We had to stop at the street light near her house and sit down, clutching at our sides in an attempt to stop the loud screeches of laughter emanating from our lungs.
    • My own voice sounded like a whisper when I screamed for him to stop, lost in the crowd of jeering students and Steph's cacophony of screeches.
    • Our laughter soon turns to screeches of indignation.
    • He yawned, and when he opened his mouth, he heard the distant sounds of surf booming against a beach, the faint screech of seagulls.
    • The screech of crickets for ring tones is only one of the myriad innovations on cell phones.
    • The screech modulates into the sound of thousands of marbles clattering against each other at high speed.
    • Glenn opened his mouth to respond, but quickly snapped it shut when the unmistakable sound of sirens echoed down the tunnels, the screech of brakes, someone yelling.
    • The next sound was the screech of metal as an ‘unstoppable’ juggernaut ground to a halt.
    • A hair-raising screech from the sound of metal scraping metal sent shivers through me.
    • My knife slips off the screw and with a grating screech marks the white surface of the machine.
    • At that moment, from the other side of a wood, they heard the screech of brakes and an ear-shattering bang.
    • Even with the windows closed, you could still hear the screech, whiz and boom of the fireworks.
    • Minutes later the brakes let out a screech as the wheels of the bus came to a halt.
    • Seconds later she heard a screech and felt a bang at the rear of her car.
    • Ian turned as he heard the dull thud and screech of brakes.
    • There was a squealing, a screech of metal scraping metal.
    • Bill grabbed a hold of the handle to the hum-vee and yanked it open, a resounding screech echoing out as the door ripped from the frame of the vehicle.
    • All I heard was a loud screech of tires and a loud crash of thunder that echoed gloomily through my thoughtless mind.
    • That is the piercing screech of steel on steel when the subway makes the sharp turn between King and Union.
    • A piercing fax-like screech literally hurt my ears, then the requisite disconnect.
    • With a howl and a screech and the smell of disintegrating technology a motor bearing on our wonderful eleven month old Hoover vacuum burnt itself out late yesterday.
    • I didn't even hear the black Carola coming towards me until it hit the breaks with a loud screech.
    • Most of you who have been to concerts will have heard the loud screech caused by that sort of feedback loop.
    • A loud screech and a subtle jar rocked the airplane as the rear wheels met the pavement.
    • I was probably no more than 100m away from my black motorbike when I heard a loud screech of tires.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person/animal) chillar
    (brakes/tires) chirriar
    (siren) aullar
    to screech with pain aullar de dolor
    • she screeched with laughter soltó una carcajada estridente
    • the car screeched to a halt el coche paró en seco con un chirrido
    • Animals added their noises to the din, poultry screeching and draft animals lowing as they were displayed and examined.
    • Whenever mom got really, really mad she started screeching like a parrot.
    • The girl was screeching and wailing at the same time as clawing and pinching Leanne.
    • Nicola screeched in disbelief, loud enough to penetrate Allie's earphones.
    • When they fly, they often screech, and when they feed, they chatter.
    • They will screech and shriek in ecstasy, as they fly from the brink of the cliff, down to the sea and rocks below.
    • A night bird screeched in the distance and the fire crackled and spat, and shoes crushed tiny rocks on the ground.
    • In fact, it took me quite a while to bring myself to eat one and I recall screeching in disgust and saying ‘No, mum, it looks like slimy eyeballs!’
    • Darren and I were screeching with laughter throughout.
    • The spot then segues to a woman screeching at her unseen family, because she can't find her keys.
    • Above them an owl screeched loudly as it circled above.
    • I cried out, my voice screeching in pain.
    • A little four year old's voice screeched into the phone.
    • And on top of it all Buck kept screeching desperately at the top of his lungs " Ray!
    • He jumps two feet in the air, screeching at the top of his lungs, arms flailing.
    • "Yes, there's something wrong, " I practically screeched.
    • "Yuck, " she groaned, and her siblings screeched with laughter.
    • Somewhere in the thick of branches a sparrow screeched angrily.
    • Claire screeched and I saw, out of the corner of my eye, Andrew grab hold of her arm.
    • Rounding the corner behind it raced Emily, flapping her arms and screeching at the top of her lungs.
    • An engine rumbled behind him then the sound of old tyres screeching against the tarmac.
    • I could hear cars and lorries screeching to a halt.
    • On the way home I saw a car skidding down the road, tyres screeching against the concrete, hideously loud.
    • Cars both ways screech to a halt as a solitary duck ambles slowly across the road.
    • I managed to slam on the brakes in the nick of time to avoid getting into an accident, tyres screeching and all.
    • After dinner, there followed a restless night in the four-berth sleeper listening to the train wheels squealing and screeching.
    • At least 20 armed militants raced to the hospital in four vehicles, witnesses said, screeching to a halt at the entrance.
    • I stopped the car right then and there on the busy street, the tires screeching to a halt.
    • Slamming her high-heeled foot onto the break, the car screeched to a halt.
    • The van screeched to a stop, taking us all by surprise.
    • There was a pause between them, the sirens screeching ever louder.
    • Brakes screeched and horn blared but Harry just sauntered over to me so nonchalantly.
    • I could almost hear the police sirens screeching in the distance.
    • Johnny Ramone's guitar never screeched, but it sure did growl.
    • The tires screeched as the van made a sharp turn.
    • The van screeched to a stop, taking us all by surprise.
    • It was not helped that there was only one microphone for the interview and it screeched every time Webster moved it back and forth.
    • Brakes screeched and rubber burned as the van slid to a stop.
    • The four legs of the desk screeched against the floor as he moved it slightly closer to where I was sitting.
    • The car swerved and bounced, brakes screeching as we rounded another curve.

transitive verb

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