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proyección, n.

Pronunciación /ˈskrinɪŋ/ /ˈskriːnɪŋ/

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    Cine proyección femenino
    Televisión emisión femenino
    • It also seeks to prohibit the screening of films, television programs and advertisements without a license.
    • More than 3,500 video screenings of the programmes are also planned for villages with limited access to TV and radio.
    • A prominent feature of the festivities were public television screenings as cameras filmed a Royal event for the first time.
    • There are 60 booths outside the museum and the public is welcome to attend the speeches, forums, performances and documentary film screenings taking place inside the museum.
    • Plenary sessions and workshops were also held in conjunction with the screenings of films and videos, and there was plenty to celebrate.
    • All these artists will be showcased tomorrow night at the Diorama's Black Box Theatre, alongside a number of film and video screenings.
    • Sign up for a regular e-mail update on the latest screenings and other film offers and competitions.
    • Every once in a while, Roger would invite me to join him for a screening of a new film.
    • The image is crystal clear, and the disc includes the original score by Gottfried Huppertz that was used in the film's premiere screenings.
    • Andrew will be giving a talk about the expedition before a special screening of an IMAX film about Everest tomorrow evening.
    • The regulations were further eased in the late 1990s to allow pop concerts and the screening of Japanese films.
    • Would she like to come along with him to a special screening of a film loosely based on one of Calvino's stories?
    • On Sunday, the National Galley of Canada in Ottawa is also hosting a special screening of the film.
    • The highlight of the wedding will be a special screening of a film on the environment and an exhibition on nature.
    • You know you're at the screening of a Canadian film when the executive producer is actually present to greet you as you arrive, and sincerely wishes that he brought everyone a cup of coffee.
    • It was made an affair to remember, with the screening of a film on murders, double murders, spies, invisible spies, counter spies and international espionage.
    • I would arrange for a screening of the film for all concerned parents and administrators to ensure that there are no surprises when it is used in class.
    • An opening night premiere party will follow the screening, and all films will show at the Oak Street Cinema.
    • For the more discerning film viewer, there are Film Society screenings every week on the big screen at the Paramount.
    • Also for the first time, HBO is running a contest, ‘Home to Rome’, for viewers in connection with the screening of the film.
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    (of patients) revisión (médica) femenino
    (esp para detección precoz) (of patients) chequeo masculino
    (of candidates) investigación de antecedentes femenino
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    (on window, door)
    tejido metálico masculino
    malla metálica femenino