Translation of screw in Spanish:


tornillo, n.

Pronunciation /skru/ /skruː/

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  • 1

    • 1.1Building Technology

      tornillo masculine
      • The logs, the wood flooring, the cabinets, all of the materials down to the nails and screws which hold it together, were donated or purchased with donated funds.
      • Some fractures require surgery, and the use of metal screws, wires, pins or plates to hold the broken pieces of bone together.
      • Builders will appreciate the fact that plastic lumber can hold nails and screws better than wood.
      • With vinyl windows, avoid frames that are held together with screws because they tend to loosen over time.
      • Surgeons rebuilt his shattered legs using metal plates held together by 27 screws.
      • These planes are made with two separate stocks held together with either metal or turned wooden screws.
      • They tend to be solid objects made of plastics, metals, and ceramics held together by screws, clips, adhesives, and heat seals.
      • The bolt jiggled and slowly raised, the heavy screw in it slowly coming undone, until it was almost teetering out.
      • The blade is not pointed, but ground to a screwdriver shape that will work on slotted or phillips-head screws of the size typically found in automobiles.
      • The gypsum board must be attached to the wood furring strips or underlying masonry using nails or screws.
      • Lotus has been building cars with aluminum chassis for many years, but none of them are welded: they are held together with screws and adhesives.
      • The screw heads will not move at all with respect to each other, assuming that both screws are being rotated at the same angular velocity.
      • They are held in place with Torx screws, a nice touch and another upgrade from the usual slotted screws.
      • This smooth and more experienced screwdriver had strengths mine did not, and it sunk the remaining loose screws deep into the wood.
      • Hand-carved wooden pegs - never nails, screws, or anything else metal - are driven in with stone hammers.
      • If you happen to hit framing while drilling, use a screw instead of a toggle bolt at that location.
      • Be sure to use galvanized screws or nails to build and hang them so they won't rust.
      • If necessary, adjust by slackening the center screw and rotating the outer 5/8-inch hexagon nut.
      • The second thread quickly joins the first so that the major portion of the screw remains single threaded.
      • To take apart, remove two small Phillips screws on each side up under where the nightlight is.

    • 1.2(action)

      vuelta feminine
      (lid/top) (before noun) de rosca
      give it another screw dale otra vuelta
      • It is secured with special spring-loaded screws for uniform hold-down pressure.
      • The inner diameters of the seals were adapted to the diameters of the basal parts of root systems and adjusted by screws.
      • Adjust the syrup screw on the fountain head to make the drink stronger to suit your taste.
      • The ball screw includes a plurality of balls arranged in a space between a hemispherical groove formed on a cylindrical inner surface of a housing and a hemispherical groove of a rotating male screw.
      • The pivot rod is released by loosening a clevis screw on the lift rod assembly.
      • Making this cider press screw is reported to have been a whole winter's work by a carpenter in southern Pennsylvania.
      • A nice touch is a tripod socket which accepts a standard tripod screw.

    • 1.3Aviation Nautical

      hélice feminine
      • But steamships were improving as the screw propeller replaced the paddle wheel and iron replaced wood.
      • The subsequent development of the screw propeller, concealed beneath the surface of the water, yielded greater maneuverability as well as greater protection.
      • In 1845, the British Admiralty sponsored a demonstration to determine which was superior, the paddle wheel or screw propeller; the latter clearly won.
      • Her single steel screw propeller was powered by a three-cylinder triple expansion steam engine and developed 162 hp.
      • The rotation of the flagellum propels the cell body in the same way that a screw propels a ship.
      • The warship was then hit by a torpedo, which rendered her screws and rudders useless.
      • He engaged the engine, causing two large screw propellers to whirl frantically and the wood and cloth contraption to lift off the ground.
      • The wreck now lies in 32-34m of water on her side with the hull relatively intact and the steel screw and rudder still in place.
      • Minutes after the sonobuoy was in the water, the faint sound of a submarine screw entered the headphones of a young petty officer aboard the helicopter.
      • Its screw lies in 36m of water and general depth on the deck is around 26m.
      • To the rear of the left torpedo tube, the flap is missing and the rudders and screw of one of the torpedoes are sticking out of the pipe.

  • 2 vulgar slang

    (sexual intercourse)
    to have a screw echar un polvo slang
  • 3 slang

    (prison guard)
    guardia masculine
    madero masculine Spain slang
    • One day the screws opened the solitary confinement cell and a brown paper bag was thrust inside.
    • Marijuana was sort of a sedative sort of drug as far as the screws and prison authorities were concerned.
    • The abiding impression left by the book is the way the prison system reduces prisoners and screws to animals.
    • I can't be with any other prisoner because the screws know I'll be done in.
    • All becomes clear later and we settle down onto familiar prison drama territory with mouthy cons, bent screws and idealistic governors.
    • In order to find out, he stuck 18 volunteers in a mock prison, arbitrarily making them either lags or screws.
    • You don't go to jails and see screws whose main aim is to rehabilitate people.
    • All of them have severely injured screws or other inmates.
  • 4British slang, dated

    (no plural) sueldo masculine
    he earns a good screw gana bastante guita slang

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1Building Technology

      the hooks were firmly screwed in los ganchos estaban bien atornillados
      • screw the lid on tight enrosca bien la tapa
      • the plaque was screwed (on)to the wall la placa estaba asegurada a la pared con tornillos
      • to screw sth down (securely) atornillar (bien) algo
      • Rather than being screwed on they were riveted.
      • I undress and hang my orange attire upon a steel hanger that is securely screwed into the wall.
      • The control panel earth wire will need to be securely screwed to the chassis of the vehicle.
      • The batten tips can be screwed in and out to set the overall length of the batten.
      • Once in place, go ahead and screw in the other two hard-drive screws, and tighten all four down.
      • You then attach the bracket by screwing the #1 screw through the bracket into the sliders.
      • But, in a seven-hour operation, surgeons screwed a 32 cm titanium rod into his shin and saved the most famous limb in Austria.
      • The top layer was screwed down to the bottom layer in essence creating a one piece quiet, rigid, non-creaking floor.
      • They stand right on the edge of the roof, bolting and screwing this thing into place.
      • To ease my back and save time, I screwed a piece of plywood to the top of a sawhorse and made a crude table to catch the piece of split wood.
      • Moved the DSL modem and both hubs on top of a filing cabinet, screwed their surge bar onto the wall, organised the cables, etc.
      • I then bought brass hardware and screwed the handle into the top of the frame.
      • I screwed two brackets into the doorframe, then took an old barbell and cut it to fit.
      • Remove anything that isn't nailed or screwed down.
      • There was a camera literally screwed to the wall with a couple of lights.
      • I liked this thing a great deal and it now sits screwed firmly to the closet wall in the bedroom.
      • There are no knocks, creaks or rattles either, indicating that it's been well screwed together.
      • To that end, Colbert also constructs his walls and ceilings with a resilient metal channel that is screwed to the framing members to isolate sound.
      • I cut the wood to lengths and screwed together the most haphazard structure of my whole life.
      • A slab of wood screwed to the sitting room wall at waist height, took the extension blocks.
      • Put Teflon tape in a clockwise direction as you are looking at the threads and screw it in.
      • Are you upset that he occasionally forgets to screw the top back on the toothpaste tube?
      • Joe screwed the top back on the canteen, and squeezed, on his back, under the wagon bed.
      • You just cut off the top and screw the gadget into the pineapple flesh until you hit bottom, then pull out the corer with a lovely yellow cylinder of pineapple meat wrapped around it.
      • Strain it into fizzy drink bottles, making sure you screw the cap on tight.
      • His face turned from white to green as he realized what he'd nearly drank and he screwed the top back on quickly, trying to pretend he'd never seen it.
      • Missy frowned as she screwed the top back onto the polish.
      • I answered, holding the phone up to my ear with my shoulder while I screwed the top back onto my bottle of nail polish.
      • Finally she screwed the top back on the antiseptic bottle and gave me a look.
      • One huge plus is when you have leftover wine you just screw the top back on.
      • Thinking quickly I pulled out a smooth black cylinder from my pocket and screwed it into the top of the my gun.
      • Jason suddenly grabbed the bottle and opened it, albeit with some difficult, as it was screwed on tight.
      • But the most practical option seems to be to screw your earbuds in tighter and turn up the volume on your personal sound track.
      • I took an empty clear plastic 750 ml Coke bottle for each one, screwed the top on firmly and made a small hole in it, then sawed off the base.
      • Place the lids on top of the jars, and screw them down finger-tight.
      • But for a drink that they want you to drink when you have no energy, they sure screw the cap on awful tight.
      • She screwed the top on and placed it in her purse.
      • I accidentally screwed it in too tight and the head of the bolt tore off.
      • The bottle should then be very gently screwed off the cork with one hand while the cork is held in place with the other.
      • Silently, he went to his car, removed the pistol from the glove box, screwed on the silencer, and placed it under his coat.

    • 1.2(twist)

      to screw sth into sth
      • he screwed the letter into a ball
      • she screwed her face into a grin

  • 2

    • 2.1 vulgar slang (have sex with)

      to screw sb tirarse a algn vulgar slang

    • 2.2

      screw what she says! ¡me cago en lo que diga ella! vulgar slang

  • 3 slang

    • 3.1(exploit, cheat)

      hacer guaje Mexico informal
      she's screwing him for everything she can get lo está exprimiendo al máximo
      • They just screw you for an extra £8 per month because they can!
      • Until then, though, I will only screw you out of several million dollars per person per year.
      • He spouted some nostrum about how people who ‘steal’ movies were screwing him, not the studios.
      • Trouble's, it's just a pointless greatest hits album to steal your cash and screw you.
      • We told him what was going on, and how Stallion was really screwing us and taking a lot of money from us.
      • Australians are sick of the major banks screwing us daily.
      • They are participating in, and benefitting from, the same government structure that is screwing us.
      • Larry, it's a bad week to ask me that because the campaign kind of screwed me, but still I like him a lot.
      • Having been screwed several times in start-up bust-ups, I do too.
      • This is a society which systematically screws its weakest members and then blames them for their predicament.
      • It's not so much that they're screwing Belgium (a Franco-German tradition going back centuries), but that they have the ability and incentive to screw the euro.
      • By the end of the primaries, the most important black leader in the Democratic Party will be a man with a history of screwing the Democratic Party.
      • The Treasurer is stuck defending policies that seem to be screwing the very people the Government claims to champion.
      • Now, here we've got what appears to be a corporate entity screwing an 80-year-old man out of his fair share.
      • This is not an aberration; it is just business as usual - the business of screwing the poor for fun and profit.
      • Suddenly a new element was introduced into grocery shopping: if you don't haggle, you're getting screwed.
      • It's funny how must of the people who vote for him end up getting screwed the most by his economic policies.
      • He had been screwing the public purse for years as he mulled over the disgrace of being removed from the Commission because of corruption.
      • A demanding bandleader who insisted on a high level of professionalism, he rarely missed an opportunity to screw mates out of touring money or royalties.
      • Said one agent involved in the negotiation, ‘We're tired of just screwing them out of their money!’

    • 3.2(extort)

      to screw sth out of sb/sth sacarle algo a algn/algo

      • he screwed every penny out of her
      • ‘The companies are taking advantage of the situation to screw some money out of the government,’ he admitted last week.
      • Together these poster boys for corporate greed put billions of dollars in their own pockets and those of their top execs, while screwing millions out of their employees and investors.
      • I suspect they may have the idea that they have more chance of screwing concessions out of us.
      • I have little sympathy for telcos who are desperate to keep screwing every penny out of customers.
      • It is simply their attempt to screw some extra cash out of people by using mawkish good taste music and pictures of babies in outsized hats.
      • By all means include these consumer organisations, but absolutely not the banks, even if the FSA hopes to screw some cash out of them.
      • It could reduce interest rates to the rate of inflation, and stop trying to screw a profit out of borrowers.
      • I had various upgrades added and managed to screw a good deal out of them.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to screw in/on atornillarse
  • 2 vulgar slang

    (have sex)
    echar un polvo slang
    coger Mexico, River Plate, Venezuela vulgar slang
    follar Spain vulgar slang