Traducción de screw top en Español:

screw top

tapa de rosca, n.


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    (for jar) tapa de rosca femenino
    (for bottle) tapón de rosca masculino
    • In turns of sealing the bottle best, a screw top probably does a better job than a cork, but there is a bit of a problem with perception.
    • Honestly, they should put some kind of warning on the bottle if they're going to hide a screw top under the pretty festive wrapping where the cork should be.
    • This precious substance was carefully picked off the plant and dropped into a bicycle repair tin with a lid or into a Marmite jar with a screw top.
    • ‘I was changing the fuel bottle on my stove, and on opening the screw top, the fuel sprayed out under high pressure all over the tent,’ the 35-year-old Horn said.
    • A litany of cork problems has built to such a point that frustration alone could well determine the speed with which we switch to the practical screw top.


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    (bottle) con tapón de rosca
    (jar) con tapa de rosca