Translation of screwball in Spanish:


descabellado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈskruˌbɔl/ /ˈskruːbɔːl/

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  • 1US informal

    (eccentric person)
    (idea/plan) (before noun) descabellado
    (idea/plan) (before noun) disparatado
    excéntrico masculine
    excéntrica feminine
    chiflado masculine informal
    chiflada feminine informal
    • Even scarier is the prospect of this party coming to anything with the screwballs they have in their ranks.
    • By the end of that campaign, he still got 20% of the vote, but apparently some people just like a screwball.
    • ‘You guys are a bunch of screwballs!’ the girl said and stomped out of the shop.
    • I am extremely sorry that you have allowed a bunch of screwballs to come between us.
    • Add in a wacky collection of colorful local screwballs, and this series is a timeless recipe for pure comedy gold.
    • There was a scary moment when some screwball in an RV wouldn't let us pass on a country road.
    • ‘Any screwball who says this is blaming employees is doing nothing more than making irresponsible speculation,’ he said.
    • Doesn't that make us both just a couple of unworthy screwballs?
    • Clark may be a lot of things, but a screwball he's not.
    • Viewed as a screwball and rebel by his teachers, he was a rare wit who provoked laughter and sometimes rage.
  • 2

    (in baseball)
    torniquete masculine
    tirabuzón masculine
    • You'll learn the rules of offense and defense, and all about fastballs, curveballs, knuckleballs and screwballs.
    • The batters had to wait, watch for the spin and break of the screwball.
    • ‘The third strike on every one of them,’ Hubbell once recalled, ‘was a screwball.’
    • Few pitchers in the majors throw screwballs, but the Devil Rays have two in RHPs Jeff Sparks and Jim Mecir.
    • Many are reluctant to throw that 82 mile-an-hour screwball because they're afraid they're going to be changing the scoreboard with just one bad pitch.