Translation of scribble in Spanish:


garabato, n.

Pronunciation /ˈskrɪbəl/ /ˈskrɪb(ə)l/

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    garabato masculine
    I couldn't read his scribble no pude entender sus garabatos
    • Inspired by notes and scribbles already on the pages, Byron commenced a program of drawing, painting and collage.
    • As is characteristic of Johns's graphic work of this time, the drawings feature freehand scribbles, carefully limned curves, erasures and tonal blurring.
    • Before that I made these dream journals and they were filled with poetry and scribbles.
    • All of them contain organic, cell-like splotches, dots and drips of predominantly pastel colors that are overlaid with black lines, darker scribbles and cryptic hieroglyphs.
    • In some episodes where a threat lurks, the colored scribbles grow dense and fraught, mutely warning against dangers that the character is too naive to see for himself.
    • Although the pilot creates confident spurts of white, the lines eventually pull apart, becoming just scribbles in the sky.
    • Mysterious psychedelic scribbles fill other windows, some with a figure caught within the web of marks.
    • The scribble does something besides provide a sense of enclosure, however: it creates a landmark.
    • Over each print are differently colored washes and scribbles.
    • He smears the hues and tears the forms and scribbles across the surface in a kind of eloquent frenzy.
    • The brothers practice an idiom of grandly lyric, gestural abstraction - scrawls and scribbles across a compositional field of contrasting grounds, currently silk and lead.
    • But is not the taking seriously of this kind of comment the equivalent of the exhibition curator placing an artist's kitchen table scribble alongside one of his major drawings?
    • I was asleep one night in Hollywood and woke up one morning with my notepad full of scribble and I read it.
    • You give these words, meaningless scribbles, you give them life and shape.
    • The world starts making sense, and the meaningless scribbles are left behind.
    • I scratched my head and looked down at the scribbles in my notebook.
    • The students nodded and made various scribbles in their notebooks.
    • The designers have taught me how to use proper proofing marks rather than random scribbles.

transitive verb

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    he scribbled a hurried note to her le escribió una notita a las corridas / a las carreras informal
    • I scribbled (down) a few ideas on a scrap of paper anoté algunas ideas en un papel
    • When we got back he'd managed to scribble a few lines in his notebook with his dud hand.
    • Gabrielle was furiously scribbling down what she was saying when she heard another boys' voice in her ear.
    • He sat there the whole period grunting to himself and scribbling furiously in his notebooks.
    • Marcia scribbled furiously in her own notebook, apparently quite preoccupied with whatever part of her story she was writing.
    • He quickly scribbled down what he was to tell her, feeling like an idiot.
    • He hastily scribbled an apologetic note and left it on Pierre's sleeping form.
    • I opened it and found a hastily scribbled note smudged in places by water droplets.
    • I look at it curiously, my name hurriedly scribbled on the front.
    • I hurriedly scribbled his phone number on a pad of paper with trembling hands and hung up.
    • I kept writing then scribbling out then writing again then scribbling out words at random.
    • He frowned, scribbling madly on his clipboard.
    • They began to whisper, and one man scribbled on a spiral notepad.
    • Lenny scribbled on his pad of paper, then turned his eyes to me.
    • The waitress nodded and scribbled on her order pad, handing them menus.
    • Officials had to place his hand on documents for him to scribble his signature.
    • He didn't have any choice anyway, so Kelvin scribbled his signature on the end.
    • I listened to him and I remembered my own thoughts scribbled in a diary.
    • And apparently when I was a kid; I use to scribble in books with a pen before I could even write so I was always trying to do something.

intransitive verb

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    hacer garabatos