Translation of scrip in Spanish:


vale canjeable, n.

Pronunciation /skrɪp/


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    vale canjeable masculine
    • Once the merger was announced, the scrip registered a slight increase and was trading at 277.80, up by Rs 15, but overall banking scrips were still trading at a low.
    • In the process, they end up subverting the insider trading norms by subtly inflating the value of the scrips they've either invested in, have underwritten or are otherwise interested in.
    • The position differs where the security given by the debtor comprises marketable (viz. negotiable) securities, such as bearer bonds, share warrants, scrip, or exchequer bills.
    • Out-of-date share certificates or scrip, as they are collectively called, are a booming brand of collectibles.
    • Amateur investors seem to be always wary of pieces of paper, certificates and share scrip.
    • The plant was a notorious pariah where the workers were paid in scrip.
    • Employers either paid them in scrip redeemable only at plantation stores or simply kept a record of their purchases and labor.
    • News about the impending deal saw the J & J scrip lose 3.2 per cent on fears that the acquisition would dilute the company's earnings.
    • Spanish forces attempting to take over estates in 1896 were often met with gunfire; employers hoping to pay in scrip in 1901 often found themselves bereft of workers.
    • Graduate fellowships partly paid in scrip that could be used to buy university-press books.
    • It envisioned the state taking over idle farms and factories and turning them into cooperatives that would trade among themselves using scrip.
    • Property sector stocks gained as investors bought scrip at a bargain ahead of Hong Kong's first land auction in nearly two years.
    • Its aim was to stimulate demand for scrip, making the market more proactive rather than reactive.
    • An attractive woman in an upscale suburb, deserted by the husband she supported through medical school, steals scrip for groceries from her synagogue's fundraising project to buy food for her two sons.
    • If a store owner has a good reputation for trustworthiness, the store's due bills and scrip might be exchanged in transactions among local people before they were eventually cashed in at the store.
    • Other states would receive scrip, which they would sell.
    • In return the prisoners each earned seventy-five cents in camp scrip to spend at the camp stores.
    • A scrip issue is not an issue of shares to raise more capital; it simply gives the shareholder more shares, e.g., 4 for 1.
    • The survey registered only active transactions, excluding instances when the insider sold or acquired stock by participating in stock option and scrip dividend schemes.
    • For a high-growth company, it said, a scrip dividend is more suitable.
    • Also there is a question regarding the previously proposed scrip dividend which the bank now says will be suspended for legal reasons.
    • ‘The government will probably receive scrip dividend so it can preserve its cash but I'm sure it won't all be financed with cash,’ he said.
    • The scrips of the shipping companies have seen their prices move up over 50 per cent in the past three months.
    • There are, however, stable scrips that have earned reasonable returns.
    • For a high-growth company, it said, a scrip dividend is more suitable.
    • A scrip dividend brought the total shareholding held by the Group's directors to 28.3 per cent of the company.
    • Many of these tickets will be resold for sums of money higher than the actual price, much like scrips in a stock exchange.
    • It allowed Indian mutual funds to invest in scrips of listed overseas companies that have at least 10 per cent stake in an Indian company listed on a recognised stock exchange.
    • The impact of the crisis is very marginal on the steel scrips on the BSE - not much fall in the scrips of the listed steel companies.
    • With the Finance Minister reducing the sell-off target, the state-owned scrips came under some bear hammering.
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    (in land purchase)
    → = land scrip