Translation of script in Spanish:


letra, n.

Pronunciation /skrɪpt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(handwriting)

      letra feminine
      • At the same time another form of writing, cursive script, was also being developed.
      • Underneath it were the words " Animal Martyr " emblazoned in a flowing, Gothic script.
      • Each scroll was labeled along its edge in the flowing script used in most writing.
      • The fusion of the two ends of the production spectrum - formal and informal - gave rise to one of the most popular book scripts of late Antiquity, half-uncial.
      • Totally imperforate, the wall is clad in grey granite into which are incised examples of all the world's written communications from runes to barcodes, renaissance scripts to Braille.
      • Visitors willing to take the time to decipher the assorted scripts (and on my visits to the show, many did) were afforded a hundred or so intimate glimpses into the lives of strangers.
      • Second, and more significantly, several scholars have remarked that the inscription appears similar to scripts of the later 1300s.
      • Many of the texts came in the form of original handwritten or typed scripts, which often included artists' notations, sketches, and greetings.

    • 1.2(style of writing)

      caligrafía feminine

    • 1.3(alphabet)

      escritura feminine
      alfabeto masculine
      • The quality of the Arabic script is quite poor, obviously copied by a Chinese artisan.
      • Urdu uses an Arabic script, but Persian vocabulary and Hindi grammatical structure.
      • For example, among the 26 nationalities in Yunnan, there are 11 nationalities that formerly used 24 writing scripts.
      • Externally, the granite curves of the building's toroidal form are carved with all the scripts of the world.
      • Which languages, other than Russian, Ukrainian and Byelorussian are written in Cyrillic script?
      • Thank you so much. but just to make it clear, this is still in English, just in tengwar script.
      • By the mid-4th century Coptic script was widely used, and both Coptic and Greek scripts were in use simultaneously.

  • 2

    • 2.1(text)

      (of film, broadcast) guion masculine
      (of speech) texto masculine
      television/film script guion (de televisión/cine)
      • script by Harold Pinter guion de Harold Pinter
      • His repertoire includes movies, too, for which he's written successful scripts, and novels, one of which won the Booker Prize.
      • His words depressed me to the point where I decided not to pursue script writing, even though I love writing scripts.
      • Raw video footage was edited and narration was provided from carefully prepared scripts.
      • So I recorded myself reading the original script's narration and put it into the film.
      • And how many people know how to read film scripts properly?
      • Rare images of the original shooting script with Truffaut's hand-written annotations.
      • Imagine watching movies, talking movies and writing movie scripts for examinations in college!
      • The director himself has penned the script of the film.
      • Here is a rare combination: a clever sitcom script that also contains a wildly inventive, amazingly humorous musical.
      • For his part, the chief script writer is understandably opposed to these criticisms.
      • The script writer and director ruined the ending of the movie for me.
      • Script writers are chafing, television executives tell you privately that they are helpless.
      • So it might actually be a subtle, witty script directed in an imaginative way.
      • The best thing about this good play is the poignant and witty script.
      • In 1987 Paul moved into television full-time, working as both a writer and script editor.
      • Nicola loves the ending, Matt the script editor doesn't.
      • In the original script he was a cop all the way through.

    • 2.2British School University

      examen masculine
      • Each of the unitary awarding bodies addressed the need to modernise the system for marking exam scripts by developing an electronic marking process
      • Part of a lecturer's job will be the assessment of students and, as such, the marking of examination scripts would, without doubt, be seen as reasonably incidental to the job.
      • There will not be an opportunity for students to access their exam scripts until after the deadline has passed.

    • 2.3Computing
      (program, instructions)

      script masculine
      secuencia de comandos feminine
      • So I decided to write my own Perl script to do the job.
      • Learn to read shell scripts and follow their workings.
      • One way to do this is to remotely run a simple, undocumented CGI script installed on the drive.
      • Nor will I defend script kiddies, who generally have no programming skills whatsoever.
      • Instead, we can edit the system start-up script.
      • If all else fails, at least I can now test PHP scripts locally!

transitive verb

  • 1

    (play/film) escribir el guion de
    (speech) redactar
    • Now my tightly scripted movie falls apart, and it's improvise from here on out.
    • Rarely will you see apparent anarchy and carefully scripted comedy so happily married.
    • Documentaries can be as heavily scripted as fictional movies.
    • For a stage show, this feels a lot like tightly scripted TV.
    • Instead, we've got vehicles that serve as scripted events!
    • Two-way communication is still heavily scripted, with callers asked to fill in the blanks.
    • I've decided the whole thing is horribly funny - but heavily scripted.
    • Just as ridiculous as the teary dialogue he shares with his poorly scripted wife.
    • But the dialogue is so poorly scripted that in places the audience snigger at supposedly profound moments.
    • The seemingly banal ramblings of this loveable loser are beautifully scripted.
    • I did a lot of travelling, I went to Russia, I scripted a film.
    • His abhorrence of presumed criminal accomplices within the black robed fraternity has been well scripted.
    • The series was soundly researched and well scripted, with stunning costumes and convincing sets.
    • As an action-adventure flick, it's too obviously scripted to generate much real tension.
    • The commentary is obviously scripted, but the material is compelling.
    • No one could have scripted the drama, excitement and emotions which swept over Hyde Park on Sunday afternoon.
    • Evelyn Waugh couldn't have scripted it better.
    • If you were a television screenplay writer, you couldn't have scripted it better.
    • Could anyone have scripted it better than that?
  • 2

    (program/solution) escribir
  • 3scripted past participle

    (discussion/talk) preparado de antemano