Translation of seance in Spanish:


sesión de espiritismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈseɪˌɑns/ /ˈseɪɒns/ /ˈseɪɒ̃s/ /ˈseɪɑːns/


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    sesión de espiritismo feminine
    • We should conduct a seance and attempt to contact the spirit of Eddie Daniels.
    • Each of those shows was quiet enough to be a seance, a failed attempt to make contact with a dead celebrity.
    • Red Sox outfielder Mike Greenwell used to collect bats from slumping players, pile them on the clubhouse floor, and perform seances to awaken the dead wood.
    • During his lifetime, his visits to mediums, holdings of seances, and hosts of other supernatural predilections remained guarded secrets.
    • A parade of entities was reportedly observed by the medium at the 1978 seance, and she deduced that there were 17 ghosts occupying the inn.
    • She was pictured taking part in a seance hoping to contact former deputy editor Peter Martin, who died last year.
    • One person who was caught cheating was Florence Cook, a medium whose work in séances had been vouched for by Crookes.
    • Here's the part where you all think that I'm a freak who speaks with the dead and has séances each weekend.
    • The two exist on the proceeds of Myra's efforts as a medium who holds séances in one of the rooms of their home.
    • Most Spiritualists were outspoken abolitionists and often engaged in fiery polemics against slavery at lectures and seances.
    • Noel Coward's comedy features the medium Madame Arcati who holds a seance with hilarious repercussions.
    • Prodi said he had received the information about Moro's whereabouts from a séance, probably in an attempt to protect his source.
    • Upstairs in the cafe, at midnight, all gather to begin the seance.
    • We set up a little seance and tried calling up some dead personalities and ask questions while a machine was recording everything.
    • One way or another, the young man had a typical séance and several Ouija sessions as a result of the hinted paranormal activity.
    • I milled about with the prospective sitters, and then we were all ushered into the seance room in the medium's bungalow.
    • It was like a seance for 700 people, but a casual seance.
    • Although, like most other mediums, she was regularly searched before seances, many believe she swallowed and later regurgitated the material.
    • A devotee of the Ouija board and seances, King enlisted the aid of his dead grandfather while he was composing the inscriptions.
    • Or when all else fails, you could always come back home with us, and you don't even have to hold a seance to talk with the dead there!