Translation of security in Spanish:


seguridad, n.

Pronunciation /səˈkjʊrədi/ /sɪˈkjʊərɪti/ /sɪˈkjɔːrɪti/

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nounplural securities

  • 1

    • 1.1(against crime, espionage etc)

      seguridad feminine
      a breach of security una infracción de las normas de seguridad
      • tight security was in force se habían extremado las medidas de seguridad
      • security alarm alarma de seguridad
      • security forces fuerzas de seguridad
      • there's been a security leak ha habido una filtración
      • security measures medidas de seguridad
      • security officer encargado de seguridad
      • security precaution medida de precaución
      • a security risk un peligro para la seguridad
      • security system sistema de seguridad
      • Nicknamed the Jersey Girls, they became experts on national security and terrorism.
      • Wealth is therefore an instrument in the creation of national security and national welfare.
      • Dealing with national security is always a matter for the executive, and that is how it should be.
      • The National Party considers matters of national security to be of the highest importance.
      • So therefore, an educational system, based on reason, is a vital matter of national security.
      • But the role of the Government is also to provide safety and security for its citizens.
      • One of the first matters is the need to assist aviation safety and security.
      • How exactly does all this improve U.S. national security for the long haul?
      • Only in retrospect did we become aware how lax US airport security had become.
      • She complained about the country's lax security and lauded John Kerry for his defiance of the President.
      • A second factor relates to reputedly lax physical security and accounting systems at many nuclear weapons enterprises.
      • Our nation's security is not just the responsibility of the armed forces.
      • That ability made him not only a danger in the region but a threat to America's security.
      • What is the director of homeland security for, other than to announce threats to homeland security?
      • There is no such thing as complete security against crime, or against terrorism.
      • The war was not justifiable on grounds of an immediate threat to US security.
      • Tony Blair was warned six years ago that religious fanaticism would become a serious threat to UK security, it has been revealed.
      • None of these three countries poses a real threat to United States security.
      • Terrorism has long been included on the list of so-called new transnational threats to state security.

    • 1.2(department)

      departamento de seguridad masculine
      • A huge team of people will ensure that the necessary security measures are in place.
      • Elea then set up a series of security measures to ensure that sure an occurrence could never happen again.
      • City institutions were just told to make sure that their existing checks and security procedures were working.
      • At Stansted, armed guards lined the access road to the terminal which was closed for five hours amid heightened security measures.
      • The Security Council gave new authority to Mr Mehlis, who returned on Monday to Lebanon amid tight security.
      • The governor came to the temple with his wife, amid tight security.
      • All the fuss, tight security and checks led to long waits and traffic snarls.
      • Smith landed at Manchester Airport just after midday amid tight security and a blizzard.
      • Both exports and imports fell in part because of tighter security measures.
      • The players touched down in New Delhi at 1430 hours on a PIA flight amid tight security arrangements.
      • We must ensure there are tight security controls at the venue and at the athletes' accommodations.
      • Once in place, said Moynihan, it's crucial that tight security procedures and policies are maintained.
      • A council will look at ways to fund extra security measures at cemeteries after 14 headstones were kicked over.
      • More rush on the tracks would of course entail more security measures.
      • Border security was tightened just as the U.S. slowdown was forcing legions of migrants to return to Mexico.
      • In the short run, America will tighten border security.
      • Indonesia's military and police are providing tight security for the team during its trip.
      • He has been campaigning for more than a year for tighter security at the site.
      • You will have a virtual free rein to provide security as you see fit.

  • 2

    • 2.1(safety, certainty)

      seguridad feminine
      children need emotional security los niños necesitan seguridad / estabilidad en el plano afectivo
      • financial security seguridad económica
      • The only true security against nuclear dangers is an enforceable ban on all nuclear weapons.
      • According to him however, Government has to guarantee security against international threats.
      • What should we be doing to ensure vaccine safety and security against external threats?
      • Fallback resources provide security against errors in other setting mechanisms.
      • A notch in the rear dovetail provides additional security against ring movement.
      • Colonialism is no longer seen as a threat to peace and security since there are no more empires left.
      • Other costs include the introduction of bio security against bird flu.
      • As in London, the force's chiefs said they hoped to balance security against people's rights to protest peacefully.
      • They would all have more cash to provide job security and job creation.
      • A new University of Queensland research project could lead to improved internal computer network security at banks and financial institutions.
      • He has ensured security of tenure for those whom he has backed.
      • The Green Revolution ensured food security at the macro level, but not completely at the household level.
      • With it, you can improve Internet security for remote workers.
      • Having a job did not necessarily guarantee economic security for African American workers and their families.
      • State policy for ensuring information security during military conflicts has a prognostic, organizational and administrative function.
      • They will give increased security of tenure for the tenants of agricultural holdings.
      • What are the recent scientific and technological developments that enhance aviation security?
      • The US Food and Drug Administration announced rules today that will enhance the security of the US food supply.
      • If you can't budget effectively, you endanger your financial security by spending more than you earn.
      • But it can make major strides to bolster the country's financial security.
      • You are able to drop old fears and apprehension about material and emotional security.
      • For one thing, we are afraid, and in times of fear we crave security above all.
      • The problems could relate to declining health, declining income or declining emotional security.
      • A deep sense of insecurity grips you and you begin to clutch at emotional and material security.
      • Small flechette pistols were sold to give civilians a sense of false security against thugs.

    • 2.2(protection)

      seguro masculine
      garantía feminine
      my security against want mi seguro / garantía contra la necesidad

  • 3

    • 3.1(guarantee)

      garantía feminine
      to stand security for sb salir garante / fiador de algn
      • security agreement contrato de garantía
      • The money was being used as security for costs until the appeal was completed.
      • The plaintiffs say that this property could be put up for security for costs.
      • David has offered the Ace Patent to me as security against this money, which, quite frankly, I am not prepared to accept.
      • If the bank does not get security against the borrower itself, it is difficult to see how it gets it against third parties.
      • The whole business of pledging - parting with goods to act as security against a loan - is also changing, Kempson said.

    • 3.2securities pluralFinance

      valores masculine
      títulos masculine
      government securities bonos del Estado
      • the securities market el mercado de valores
      • securities portfolio cartera de valores
      • The new rules also make donating mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other securities more attractive.
      • For those with an interest in individual securities, there are stocks and bonds to meet every need.
      • The Fed uses this cash to purchase securities from primary government bond dealers.
      • These are pooled investment funds which give access to a wide spread of shares and other securities such as bonds.
      • The securities trade like stocks when the price of common shares moves above the conversion price.
      • Junk bonds or high yield bonds are securities issued by companies that aren't in the best of health.
      • But before you go and register all your securities into joint ownership, there is a catch.
      • Finally, you can gift shares and other financial securities to charity and get tax relief on their market value.
      • As we mentioned earlier convertible bonds are rather complex securities for a few reasons.
      • The duration of gilts, bonds and interest bearing securities will not exceed 2 years.
      • A mutual fund firm invests in a broad range of stocks or other securities on behalf of a large number of individual clients.
      • Most of the respondents had experience in investing in the stock market and other securities.
      • Instead, I propose to levy a small tax on transactions in securities on stock exchanges.
      • Most of these securities were financed by British and Dutch investors.
      • It was mainly leverage created by borrowing to finance securities purchases back then.
      • An adviser executive sells mutual funds, bonds and other related securities to customers.
      • One should remember that most of the option theory was developed for financial securities.
      • Already we have seen how important are the securities and derivatives activities of modern banks.
      • Most securities that trade this way are penny stocks or are from very small companies.
      • Generally, you shouldn't have more securities in your portfolio than you can keep track of effectively.