There are 2 main translations of sedate in Spanish

: sedate1sedate2


reposado, adj.

Pronunciation /səˈdeɪt/ /sɪˈdeɪt/

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  • 1

    (person/lifestyle/pace) reposado
    (person/lifestyle/pace) tranquilo
    (color/decor) sobrio
    • But all this makes it rather quieter, and more sedate, and a perfect place for stage two.
    • She looked out the front window at the street below them, which appeared deceptively quiet and sedate as a cart rolled by innocently.
    • If you haven't figured it yet, this is an elegy to my city's once quiet, sedate, pleasant city roads, a haven for motorists.
    • The neighborhood was sedate and quiet as all the inhabitants were at work.
    • Village cricket isn't the dull, sedate affair for which I had dismissed it.
    • In Britain, political activists have taken a rather more sedate approach.
    • Others prefer a quieter, more sedate setting in Burras Lane or Birdcage Walk.
    • Smith's case had brought unusual drama to the normally sedate high court.
    • The normally sedate hamlet now resembles the set of Robocop.
    • For not having won a title since 1917, the celebration was relatively sedate.
    • Boxing day has also been a relatively sedate affair (so far).
    • Organizer Richard MacKinnon admits that the crowd is still fairly sedate and lacks diversity.
    • The company has gone for a rather sedate slate grey casing leaving brash corporate silver behind.
    • Compared with the cricket, they were all rather sedate.
    • I'm a member of the House of Lords, which is very much more sedate and dignified than the House of Commons.
    • The world of biblical interpretation is a calm and sedate world.
    • Being a sedate and sombre brunette could get boring eventually.
    • I would wager that when our defence minister made fun of you, Elsie, he was wearing a boring black or blue suit and a sedate tie.
    • I'm a bit sedate, perhaps staid in the eyes of others.
    • Tullow Street may look calm and sedate most mid week days but come the weekends it is an entirely different place.
    • This does not reflect well on the sedate, calm and collected gentleman that I hallucinated myself to be.
    • The old rock-and-lava ball had built up a nice ozone shield under which life could evolve at a properly sedate pace.
    • There are a number of orchestras here which also remind us of those days when everything was calmer and more sedate.
    • But how often does one see a youngster moving on a scooterette at a sedate pace, between 42 and 50 kmph?
    • The book world is swayed by fads, too, though at much more sedate pace compared to the clothing business.
    • Thus far into the interview the pace has been sedate, almost jovial.
    • Got the ticket and set out on the road again at a very sedate pace and being very careful with my driving.
    • I followed it down at a more sedate pace to the jeers of my mates.
    • Flitting between two worlds, constantly joining up and linking two experiences, this books travels at a sedate pace to its conclusion.
    • Lucas followed behind at a more sedate pace, and neither looked happy.
    • Entering the congestion of the pueblo, the Freeman slowed the team to a more sedate pace and studied her closely.
    • After the baptism of fire that was the Border, Christy found the pace of policing in Westport a little more sedate.
    • I'd intended to be mature and sedate and demure and just wistfully watch the young guests from afar.
    • Barnsley batted first and looked composed, if a little sedate, in reaching 25 off 14 tidy overs from Duncan Snell and Rob Flack.
    • As she drew near the room, Morgan slowed her pace to a much more sedate walk.
    • The Op. 71 and Op. 74 were composed in 1793 during a relatively sedate period in Vienna.
    • He followed her at a more sedate pace that was faster than it seemed.
    • Much like draining a bathtub, going down in a lock is fairly sedate.
    • And I spent the last twenty minutes of the exam writing at a fairly sedate rate.

There are 2 main translations of sedate in Spanish

: sedate1sedate2


sedar, v.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (patient/animal) sedar
    (patient/animal) administrar sedantes a
    she was heavily sedated le habían administrado un fuerte sedante
    • His lawyers also claimed that he was heavily sedated with antipsychotic drugs during his trial.
    • The anesthesia care provider then further sedates the patient intravenously.
    • I have no recollection of the actual event, or the following week during which I was heavily sedated.
    • Patients with obstructive sleep apnea should avoid alcohol and other sedating agents.
    • I was treated very well in hospital, I was sedated that first night, and we basically went from there.
    • Once it catches your attention, television sedates you like a drug.
    • The anesthesia care provider sedates the patient to achieve an appropriate monitored anesthesia care level.
    • The procedure generally involves sedating your child.
    • Muscle relaxants such as cyclobenzaprine or diazepam work mostly by sedating patients and preventing activity.
    • In fact, I now get requests to stop morphine because it is sedating the patient too much, even when the patient does have pain.
    • Establish a baseline of sensorium and cognitive function before sedating the patient.
    • After the patient is properly sedated perform the orotracheal procedure.
    • If it is less traumatic for the patient, these activities are performed after the patient is sedated.
    • The person is sedated and should not eat or drink for a few hours before the procedure.
    • She was heavily sedated but she couldn't even open her eyes for the first few days.
    • She said her mother was heavily sedated as part of her treatment and needed to be tied into her chair to stop her falling.
    • The couple sat by the bedside of their heavily sedated son and explained to him what they were thinking of doing.
    • Combined with that, we give a combination of a valium-type drug and an intravenous anaesthetic agent to sedate you during the process.
    • The researchers at first tried to deliver the gene therapy while the patients were sedated but awake.
    • He was taken to the Great Western Hospital where he was sedated and treated for head injuries.