Translation of seeing in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈsiɪŋ/ /ˈsiːɪŋ/


  • 1

    seeing (that)
    seeing as
    seeing as how
    seeing (that) you're here, you may as well help ya que estás aquí, nos puedes ayudar
    • seeing as nobody turned up, we went home en vista de que no venía nadie, nos fuimos a casa
    • I can refer to you by whatever offensive terminology I like without defaming you, seeing as you're a person of public interest.
    • He probably feels like he needs to help you, seeing as London is full of crazed taxi drivers.
    • It is only natural especially seeing as Argentina was kind enough to accept as many Irish people as possible in the 19th century.
    • The only thing wrong with it is that the songs are a bit samey, but seeing as the album is less than 40 minutes long, this doesn't bother me much.
    • He hardly could, seeing as the stickers can be ordered for free through the party's official website
    • We got 16 out of 20 which I thought was pretty good seeing as I only knew 7 or 8 of them and hadn't heard of any of the rest!
    • It's refreshing also to see Posey grab hold of a role like this, seeing as she hasn't had anything substantive to sink her talents into of late.
    • Now is such a great time to go home, seeing as I don't ‘do’ football.
    • Actually that's a tough one, seeing as I like all the nominated albums.
    • You may want to have a strong cup of coffee before going, seeing as this party is slated to run until 8 a.m.
    • The second track, Powerless, is surely a song we have all heard, seeing as it's the first single off her album.
    • What is the helping agent's toxicity, seeing as it is not licensed in the US?
    • The two end up marrying other mates, though why is never fully explained seeing as they're clearly obsessed with one another.
    • Home I went seeing as I didn't have my water wings with me.
    • My brain has apparently simply up and died on me, seeing as how I am sitting here without any typing going on, just staring at a blank screen.
    • It would be a little ironic if it was, seeing as the movie is constructed as a series of episodes along the route to the perfect noodle restaurant.
    • Some women will take offence to such a frivolous comment, especially seeing as most of us view this as a serious topic of conversation.
    • Also, communism seemed the chic thing to explore, seeing as I was a disillusioned young university student.
    • Perhaps, he suggested, we should be beyond that, seeing as the situation is so new, complex and unprecedented.
    • Well, seeing as how no-one was queueing up to write my blog while I wasn't, I suppose I'd best get back to writing it myself.