Translation of seem in Spanish:


parecer, v.

Pronunciation /sim/ /siːm/

Definition of parecer in Spanish

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (give impression)
    to seem to + inf
    to seem like sth
    she seems friendly parece simpática
    • you don't seem very sure/happy no pareces (estar) muy seguro/contento
    • things aren't always what they seem las apariencias engañan
    • it certainly seems that way eso parece / así parece, por cierto
    • I thought he seemed a total idiot me pareció un verdadero imbécil
    • you seem a completely different person no pareces el mismo
    • you must do what seems best debes hacer lo que mejor te parezca
    • strange as it may seem por raro que parezca
    • Nobody else seems very interested, but I think it looks great!
    • Nobody else seems to notice, except perhaps Barry, who simply wants to be left alone.
    • Therefore, it seems somehow a bit excessive to single him out for this sort of treatment.
    • She also seems more at ease than ever while delivering her songs.
    • He looked at Gabriel, who almost seemed on the verge of tears.
    • Now, he seemed almost on the verge of tears, though Reana could only guess why.
    • Having decided to gift it to the nation, she seems somewhat miffed that nobody now seems to want it.
    • His master's voice seems unlikely to wake him.
    • Some things seem destined for repeat discovery until the results are finally taken seriously.
    • After what seems like an eternity, we finally make it to the entrance.
    • For what seemed like an eternity, they squirmed in their chairs, speechless.
    • Still, calling the other lists whimsical seems a tad unfair.
    • I realize my condemnation of male diner culture may seem a tad harsh.
    • I might get discouraged but you guys don't seem to care.
    • Although this argument seems plausible, the evidence quoted in its support does not withstand critical examination.
    • The administration seems somewhat oblivious to the resultant dangers.
    • While such an argument seems counterintuitive at first, it does have some grounding in evolutionary biology.
    • Burton's flair for image seems always at odds with the story at hand.
    • I know it seems surprising, but I have never ever had a boyfriend.
    • At first sight, the statements issued by the major churches might seem surprising.
  • 2

    • 2.1(get impression)

      to seem to + inf
      • I seemed to hear voices in the kitchen
      • I seem to remember that you …
      • I seem to have been here before
      • Superficially it would seem to have very little to do with an historic attack on Greece over a millennium before!
      • On the basis of this evidence, it would seem that the battle against it is lost!
      • More weight is given to politics than poetry, history or writing, it would seem.
      • So the sooner these countries are brought under the one umbrella the better, it would seem.
      • Yet, it would seem that we are going to have a war whether we want it or not.
      • What is it in a country like this where we have everything, it would seem, at our fingertips?
      • In fact, it would seem that investigative journalism in the media is no longer the norm.
      • Roy's save was probably the best action on the pitch, though not, it would seem, of the afternoon.
      • On the face of it, it would seem that Canadian society is moving in a positive direction.
      • Alas, unless the place is being refurbished, it would seem that Porter Black's is no more.
      • You and your husband need to sit down and talk about your problems - at some length, it would seem.
      • Edward is a perpetual student, it would seem, born in the year of the rooster!
      • There is no redemption from punishment as rigid as this, it would seem, only escalation.
      • Colleges and universities have come a long way from discussing beauty it would seem.
      • In such a situation, it would seem that people do not have a real choice in our democracy.
      • Well, it seems we are going to hear rather less of this stuff over the coming weeks.
      • Trying to get anywhere in this day and age, it seems, is just too fraught with danger.
      • It seems to me that what the citizens want will most definitely not be what we get.
      • It seems that there are people here who are cutting off their noses to spite their faces.
      • It seems that the media training he is said to have had over the summer has had a positive effect.

    • 2.2(in sb's opinion)

      it seems to me/him/them that … me/le/les parece que …
      • it doesn't seem right to me a mí no me parece bien
      • it may seem silly to you, but … a tí te parecerá una tontería, pero …
      • how does it seem to you? ¿a ti que te parece?

    • 2.3(toning down statement)

      there would seem to be no alternative parece que / al parecer / según parece, no queda otra alternativa
      • we seem to be lost parece (ser) que nos hemos perdido
      • I can't seem to remember where I put it no logro acordarme de dónde lo puse
      • they don't seem to be here no parecen estar aquí
      • it seems to be closed parece que está cerrado
      • what seems to be the trouble? veamos ¿de qué se trata?