Translation of seepage in Spanish:


filtración, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsipɪdʒ/ /ˈsiːpɪdʒ/

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    (of water) filtración feminine
    (of gas) fuga feminine
    (of gas) escape masculine
    • It consists of mineral salts from the soil or from the concrete itself and is the result of slow moisture seepage through the pavement.
    • The agency had warned that unless seepage through flood walls was prevented, emergency sandbagging would be needed during flood events.
    • What we want to do is to trap the water by putting borders of rock to slow down the water flow and encourage seepage.
    • Heavy soils are needed to prevent seepage from earthen structures.
    • Holding ponds must be sealed to prevent seepage into ground water.
    • Joints are sealed with ultraclear silicone to prevent water seepage.
    • To prevent seepage, you can apply weather stripping around the door or install a fire-rated door.
    • If ice forms at the roof edge or at the gutter, this shield can prevent seepage back into the framing.
    • Water losses are through evaporation to the atmosphere and minimal leakage or seepage.
    • Are there signs of leaks or seepage in the basement?
    • Fix leaks and seepage that you find as soon as possible.
    • Install plastic sheeting (vapor barrier) under carpeting to prevent moisture seepage.
    • In cases of excessive water seepage, a second coat may be needed.
    • There are flood advisories for areas in the province and warnings about water seepage into basements.
    • Heavy soils are needed to prevent seepage from earthen structures.
    • However, a spokesperson for the hospital's oncology unit said no seepage occurred.
    • When the river is in flood seepage is occurring at several locations.
    • If the coating is too thin, it will not stop moisture seepage.
    • To help prevent leaks, moisture seepage and decay problems, check your roof for weak areas.
    • Fluid seepage has been found to associate with many types of geologic hazards.