Translation of self-denial in Spanish:


abnegación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈˌsɛlf dəˈnaɪ(ə)l/

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    abnegación feminine
    sacrificio masculine
    • Our vows are not of celibacy or self-denial, but of temperance and self-moderation.
    • No one denies self-denial and noble altruism are generative of a host of spiritual benefits.
    • A real person has to go through so much self-denial to fulfil this idealised image.
    • It is difficult to bring ourselves to sacrifice and self-denial, because in political, public and private life we have long since dropped the golden key of self-restraint to the ocean floor.
    • At the back of our decision in this problematical appeal is the fact that an orderly use of available national forums depends upon a combination of mutual respect and self-denial on the part of their respective courts.
    • Man was not a sinful creature who could only be saved by self-denial while patiently awaiting death and ultimately salvation.
    • Dedication requires concentration, self-denial and involves the loss of enjoyment opportunities.
    • It was the crystallization of a life of the most determined self-denial.
    • There is here a kind of self-denial and demand for trust which a man might very well hate and resent.
    • They shared a common acceptance that chastity was formed by exercises in self-denial comparable to athletic training.
    • ‘It offers them an opportunity to practise self-denial,’ he says.
    • Accompanying this disdain for people is a self-righteous delusion that they alone are saving the planet with their steady diet of self-denial.
    • ‘We tend to think of self-denial as punishment,’ she says.
    • She is passionately curious, outspoken and emotional, and yet her need for approval leads to an adolescence dominated by attempts at religious self-denial.
    • Rather than glory in our differences as the markers of our superiority over others, we need to handle our spiritual heritage with humility and self-denial.
    • It seems clear, however, that the cardinal deliberately exposed himself to temptation, as if to test the strength of his self-control and self-denial.
    • It succeeded because it matched discipline with self-denial.
    • Those scrupulous enough to have gone through the period of Lent with any amount of self-denial can look forward to enjoying the good things in life again.
    • I know, self-denial isn't really your thing, but find less expensive ways of entertaining yourself.
    • They should be preserved if only for this example of self-denial.