Translation of selfish in Spanish:


egoísta, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛlfɪʃ/

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    • Since no crime has been committed in the absence of a selfish motive, these are mostly open and shut cases.
    • To do good deeds simply to obtain good karma would be to act from a selfish motive, and would not earn much merit.
    • Try to protest that the government is ruining your health with its selfish pleasures and see how far you get!
    • For Scotland's only representative in the game's biggest tournament, the motives are purely selfish.
    • They said society believed that they did a lucrative job for purely selfish reasons.
    • Her girls, she says, are less selfish after their week away.
    • The consumer is encouraged to feel that the transaction is less selfish, on both sides, than normal.
    • I realized then that what I had said sounded incredibly selfish, yet I did not speak up.
    • She was also starting to think that maybe she was a bit too selfish towards him.
    • Sometimes I feel too selfish, and other times I feel too selfless.
    • In my last conversation with my Grandmother before she died she called me selfish.
    • Call me selfish, but I wanted to leave my mark on a true original.
    • My selfish desires had led me into betraying this withdrawn and deeply religious family.
    • When I had the second, I realised it was a bit selfish.
    • I gave a bittersweet sigh and tried not to feel selfish about the situation.
    • She felt a bit envious momentarily before she brushed it off, feeling selfish.
    • Although he had to admit it seemed selfish, he couldn't tell her.
    • I suppose one could say that we are selfish in this way.
    • My reason for being pro-choice is kind of selfish in a way.
    • His determination and the will to win make him selfish on the ice.