Translation of Sellotape in Spanish:


cinta adhesiva, n.


  • 1

    cinta adhesiva feminine
    cel(l)o masculine Spain Trademark
    cinta durex feminine Latin America Trademark
    durex masculine Latin America Trademark
    • My shoes were hurting my feet so much that I resorted to sticking Sellotape to the places where my shoes were rubbing me and even so I was half limping most of the way home.
    • They used Sellotape on the dismembered flowers and Mum, God bless her, never noticed.
    • In the past week a notice headed ‘consultation’ was put up by City of York Council on the gate leading into Walmgate Stray off Heslington Road - it had been attached to a gatepost with Sellotape.
    • The original cellophane has then been re-applied and the slit covered by a combination of a piece of Sellotape (applied in a strip so that it appears to be a seam in the cellophane) and the importer's label/sticker.
    • In fact the clips on the lid broke the first time I used it, and I had to tape the lid down for each churn with about half a roll of Sellotape - a procedure I followed every time I made ice cream for the next five years.