Translation of semiconductor in Spanish:


semiconductor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛmikənˌdəktər/ /ˈsɛmˌaɪkənˌdəktər/ /ˌsɛmɪkənˈdʌktə/

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    semiconductor masculine
    • Excitons are created in semiconductors when a laser field promotes an electron from the valance band to the conduction band.
    • A completely different class of materials organic semiconductors are being developed for these applications.
    • One way is to shine a laser on a semiconductor to give some of its electrons a boost.
    • His field was organic or carbon-based semiconductors, and Schön appeared able to grab every holy grail in the business.
    • He is a physicist with interests in opto-electronics, lasers, fibre optics, semiconductors and integrated circuits.
    • Japan's major export industries include automobiles, consumer electronics computers, semiconductors, and iron and steel.
    • So, semiconductors and conducting polymers have much lower conductivity than metals.
    • The photoelectric effect is the release of electrons from certain metals or semiconductors by the action of light.
    • Depending on the atomic species, ion beams can be used to dope semiconductors even as they carve out circuit patterns.
    • As a semiconductor for electronics, silicon has always been a compromise between cost and ability.
    • Unlike most polymers, conducting polymers have the electrical and optical properties of metals or semiconductors.
    • Taiwan is now a world-class supplier of personal computers, computer components and accessories and semiconductors.
    • I am talking about real technology companies that make real things like semiconductors or components or have proprietary software.
    • Depending on the arrangement of atoms in the walls, the carbon macaroni either behave like metals or like semiconductors.
    • I especially like semiconductors and semiconductor capital equipment.
    • About two-thirds of nanotubes are semiconductors, and the remaining third are metals.
    • Let's start with the components and semiconductors used in telecommunications.
    • The company also said the money raised would be mainly used to fund companies specialising in electronic commerce, semiconductors and software.
    • Young has been studying properties of light, semiconductors and electronics since his days as a graduate student.
    • This radiation damage can be avoided if a semiconductor other than silicon is used.