Translation of sensitivity in Spanish:


sensibilidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌsɛnsəˈtɪvədi/ /sɛnsɪˈtɪvɪti/


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    • 1.1(emotional responsiveness)

      sensibilidad feminine
      sensitivity to sth sensibilidad frente a algo
      • In his tribute to Sam, he praised the youngster for his sensitivity, humour, care and love.
      • His birth chart shows a man of great sensitivity, which is a characteristic quality of Pisces.
      • It's about a certain kind of sensibility - fear and sensitivity in the modern world.
      • It is around people's awareness and understanding and sensitivity to the needs of people.
      • If you are right-handed the chisel goes in the left hand, for sensitivity and intuition.
      • The company is very pliant and willing, but not without thought or sensitivity.
      • No one can deny that great care and sensitivity is needed here by opinion-formers.
      • It all adds up to a mammoth change that will need to be handled with care and sensitivity.
      • The author handles controversial exegetical areas with sensitivity and honesty.
      • He said the issue is a delicate one and needs to be approached with extreme sensitivity.
      • It is a sad fact that, when it comes to sensitivity to attack, there is no one so sensitive as a journalist.
      • In itself, elucidation of this sensitivity will be an interesting result of this discussion.
      • Have these people no sensitivity to the art form or do they simply want to shock?
      • Not, to my mind, the ideal profession for a woman of her intense sensitivity.
      • The club's careful handling of their player shows there is acute sensitivity about his future.
      • We showed a lack of sensitivity to how deferential they are, almost to the point of taking pleasure in grief.
      • Have some of us lost our inherent sensitivity as human beings just to achieve our own ends?
      • It takes a good deal of sensitivity to recognize when the pressure is getting too great.
      • It's done with great sensitivity and style, but the style never overwhelms the content.
      • Such people need to be treated with sensitivity and with a very high level of respect.

    • 1.2(touchiness)

      susceptibilidad feminine
      sensitivity to sth susceptibilidad a algo
      • I almost began hoping my nakedness had not offended any Moslem sensitivities.
      • All this may play well to the sensitivities and self-esteem of the far-flung townsfolk in the rest of the country.
      • However, with domestic sensitivities over-riding the communal ethic, they have fallen far behind schedule.
      • So just different labels which reflect some social and cultural sensitivities and specific features.
      • It appears to be a minor outrage to our sensitivities, since we take our family mangoes personally.
      • Want to see free speech abolished because it offends your delicate sensitivities?
      • The government has to balance that against the sensitivities of the farming community.
      • That he has stood on toes and offended some sensitivities along the way was inevitable.
      • He was a pioneer of the holistic approach, who understood the anxieties, aspirations, and sensitivities of his patients.
      • The victim begins to doubt their own sensitivities; they begin to feel crazy.
      • This mixture describes not only French feelings but European sensitivities.
      • Still, his aficionado's enthusiasm for Wagner's operas numbs him to the sensitivities and dilemmas of others.
      • The rich have their desires met without regard to local sensitivities.
      • The Marines based there have kept their profile very low because of the religious sensitivities of that town.
      • Such circumstances might arise where regional sensitivities preclude the involvement of a particular state.
      • Mischaracterizing this process to exploit complex political sensitivities serves no one.
      • This reality never once spares the sensitivities of an unsuspecting audience - this is reality warts and all.
      • To get around local sensitivities and Greek Law, the US troops will be operating as part of a NATO force.
      • Then we continued on to the Blue Lake, where eating and drinking would trample Maori sensitivities, since they regard it as a sacred spot.
      • To respect local sensitivities, there were religious prohibitions on filming males or females in a state of undress, or in the toilet.

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    (physical responsiveness)
    sensibilidad feminine
    sensitivity to sth sensibilidad a algo
  • 3

    (of information) confidencialidad feminine
    (of issue) lo delicado