Translation of sensuality in Spanish:


sensualidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌsɛn(t)ʃəˈwælədi/ /sɛnʃʊˈalɪti/

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    sensualidad feminine
    • You enjoy luxury, sensuality, and pleasures of the flesh.
    • The nazir offers his hair to God as a symbol that he is sublimating and consecrating his sensuality and sexual energy.
    • She delves into sensuality, illusion and sexual exploration when asked what inspired her to open up three months ago.
    • Pleasure and sensuality were accepted as normal and natural.
    • Nowadays, boybands showed more sensuality as well as sexuality.
    • There is debate around the negation and/or quarantining of children's sensuality and developing sexuality.
    • But the women use sensuality and sexuality as a form of liberation.
    • There is a very thin line between crude sexuality and sensuality.
    • In this context, sensuality and sexuality are two separate dimensions.
    • Sometimes in life you can feel passion, jealousy, sensuality, loathing, and love.
    • And, is not the previously-mentioned sensuality also closely connected to carnal pleasures?
    • Eroticism, sensuality and feelings are irrelevant.
    • Arriving at positive realizations about our sensuality, body image, and love life can be a difficult process.
    • What comes across is Peer's boundless mix of sensuality and self-delusion.
    • With people of very low sexual desire it is better not to enter directly into the sexual fantasy but rather to proceed slowly, from sensuality to sex.
    • Needless to say, this lack of sensuality makes him the less-than-ideal sexual partner for Frances.
    • While dance connects us to sensuality, music provides a safe vehicle for the expression of emotional unrest.
    • Those are the two extremes of human sexuality, and there are all gradations of chastity and sensuality in between.
    • The absence of any hint of illicit sexuality or even of Egyptian sensuality suggests the way in which Cleopatra's willingness to die cleanses her from sexual taint.
    • Be imaginative and experiment with all the sensuality and sexuality that the human body has to offer.