Translation of sentry in Spanish:


centinela, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛntri/

See Spanish definition of centinela

nounplural sentries

  • 1

    centinela masculine
    to be on sentry duty estar de guardia
    • A lone sentry now stands guard, posted by the Northern Alliance.
    • First, a sentry need no longer be a soldier standing at the entrance to a camp with a pike, or a rifle.
    • By acting as sentries, patrolling the countryside etc. they relieved the army to do other work.
    • The enemy sentries and war machines were now aware of where he was.
    • Having seen no sentries or patrols of any kind, Maddock heaved the door to the tunnel open and they all headed in.
    • Yet, there appeared to be a crowd forming around the sentry on guard there.
    • There should have been a sentry, a guard, or even a sign of some enclave or camp.
    • We put one man on top of the Antelope House to act as a sentry as the others patrolled the grounds the next night.
    • We passed another guard post, the sentries there expecting us.
    • I should have noticed that there had been no one around the lit fire, or there were no sentries or patrols whatsoever.
    • You will reside in a secret place guarded by armed sentries.
    • In 1925, sentries patrolling this border fired on one another and a Greek soldier was killed.
    • He looked to the sentries guarding his tent and smiled a little wider.
    • The complex sleeps at night, except for a handful of sentries and guards.
    • Outside of the villa, the sentries standing at the walls had seen the coming army.
    • Set up sentries and scouts to make sure all of the enemies are out of the area.
    • There wasn't a single sentry, and the armies stood like an immense black sea about the castle.
    • Rustling grass told him that a sentry was standing not five meters away.
    • After only a few steps she saw a sentry, standing not too far away, with his back to her.
    • The sentries were on duty but no one came through the gate.