Traducción de separate en Español:


separado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsɛp(ə)rət/

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    (beds/rooms/bank accounts) separado
    they're taking separate vacations this year este año cada uno se va de vacaciones por separado
    • they live in the same house but lead separate lives viven en la misma casa pero hacen vida aparte
  • 2

    (physically apart)
    (invariable adjective) aparte
    separate from sth separado de algo
    the gym is in a separate building el gimnasio está en un edificio aparte / en otro edificio
    • could I have the salad on a separate plate? ¿me podría servir la ensalada en un plato aparte / en otro plato?
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    (distinct, different)
    this word has three separate meanings esta palabra tiene tres significados distintos / diferentes
    • answer each question on a separate sheet of paper conteste cada pregunta en una hoja aparte
    • the subject deserves separate treatment el tema merece ser tratado por separado

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (set apart)
    to separate sth/sb from sth/sb separar algo/a algn de algo/algn
    • The facts should be carefully separated from opinion and used in a language those people can emotionally relate to.
    • The greenhouse gas had been separated from extracted natural gas and would normally have been released into the atmosphere…
    • One of the most obvious is the stage at which the juice is separated from the skins by pressing (before fermentation for white wines, after fermentation for red wines).
    • The best current methods for transplant surgery or against organ rejection cannot be separated from the research and healthcare settings that make such practices possible.
    • The new rule also excludes beef that has been mechanically separated from a carcass, because the process can extract some of the banned tissues.
    • The juice of these grapes is immediately separated from their skins so that none of the red color is given to the wine - except for rose Champagne, which is a story for another day.
    • For a quicker method, place the garlic in a paper or plastic bag and smash with a jar; the cloves are crushed and can be easily separated from the papers.
  • 2

    (keep apart)
    to be separated from sb estar separado de algn
    the issues that separate the two sides los temas que separan a ambos bandos
    • Sectors are generally not separated by clear boundaries like those between levels of analysis.
    • One of the main disorders occurs when walls separating the heart's four chambers do not form properly.
    • But it was an extremely close contest with just six points separating the top five places.
    • By 1846, they came to an agreement over the disputed 3000 mile boundary that separated the two nations.
    • As the tension mounted during the penultimate test of the day, less than four seconds separated the top six finishers.
    • At one time the world was divided into entities that were separated by geographical boundaries, which have been significantly eroded and continue to dissolve.
    • It was also noted that a wooden door within the close boarded fence which separates the two garden areas had been opened to provide access to and from the main garden.
    • There is only four points separating the top five teams.
    • With just six points separating the two drivers, competition is sure to be fierce.
    • Currently, there are 18 teams within 400 points of first, and the top 10 is separated by 203 points.
    • This provides a computational advantage when a large number of generations separate the samples.
    • These studies rely on the model that the likelihood of two sequences recombining with each other depends on the average amount of space separating them.
    • They faced each other over the three yards separating them for a moment, neither giving the slightest advantage to the other.
    • A minimum of 24 hours separated all drug administrations.
    • Genetic differences between populations reflect the geographic distances separating them.
    • The size of the force of gravity depends on two things, the masses of the objects and the distance separating them.
    • The distance separating each object from the others was 50 cm.
    • So unskilled was Mike's parking that Mary Beth had to crawl over to the driver's seat to get out, as there was only two inches separating their car and the pick-up.
    • He grinned cheekily at her, giving her yet another wink before he rolled off the bed, coming up to stand directly in front of her, not even a whole inch separating them this time.
    • If form holds, the photos are recent; just a few weeks separating each attack.
  • 3

    to separate sth from sth distinguir / diferenciar algo de algo
    • With experience, you are genuinely able to separate yourself from the writer and your current function as a director.
    • What both types have in common is an ability to totally separate emotion and sex.
    • What qualities separate a top-flight guide writer from one who's merely average?
    • What qualities separate them from others to put them in this category?
    • In today's world of media blitzkrieg and instant entertainment, one quality separates the winners from the losers.
    • Young people these days don't separate drugs and drink - it's just there to be had.
    • In opposing the eruption of US imperialism, Beams emphasised that war could not be separated from the social and economic system that gave rise to it.
    • War cannot be separated from the economic and social system that gives rise to it.
    • The move to establish the Pratas marine sanctuary must not be separated from the international movement to protect marine areas.
    • We would also suggest at the outset that the conduct and expression of these language wars cannot be separated from their mass mediation.
    • Nelson Mandela demonstrated to the world that the ideas of peace could not be separated from reconciliation and forgiveness.
    • Changes in the family cannot be separated from changes in the structure of the economy, the expansion of the idea of rights, and increasing affluence.
    • Freedom is a risk and cannot be separated from responsibility.
    • No difference truly separates science and art in this crucial respect.
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verbo intransitivo

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    the sauce separated la salsa se cortó
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    (move apart)
    • These ligaments can be sprained, disrupted, detached, or separated, depending on the severity of the injury.
    • As you pull the lithosphere apart, as it separates, decompression occurs in the earth's mantle underneath the spreading centre.
    • Again to surprise them the rectangle flowed apart, separating into strands and being drawn in upwards one after another, perfectly synchronized.
    • Then the huddle broke apart and the Dwarves separated.
    • When players collided, they simply separated and moved on, folding back into the turbulent maelstrom of sweat and speed.
    • The two separated, moving to opposite ends of the clearing.
    • Soon the soil began to lift and after several attempts the soil separated and lifted and move to where she willed.
    • They separated, moving off to work but exchanging a long glance as they parted.
    • He led them through automatic door with a logo, which spilt apart when the doors separated.
    • The box didn't so much open as separate, coming apart into two pieces that barely looked like they'd fit together.
    • After observing it for several more minutes we saw a small object separate and move away from the bigger object.
    • This craft was carried 50,000 feet by the so called white knight aircraft, before they separated, and then rocketed into the stratosphere.
    • The parachutes opened and the missile stabilized at 5000 feet, at which point the parachutes separated and the rocket was ignited.
    • Two figures reach for each other, move as a unit, separate, and meet again.
    • Meanwhile, the canvas above your head is lifting and separating, uncoupling both from the windscreen and at the back in a squeeze-box motion that the designers must have had a lot of fun devising.
    • The two solid rocket boosters separate from the shuttle about two minutes after launch, after which the main engines take over completely.
    • They merged and separated and moved on together, two shadows gliding through the shadowy twilight.
    • The pairs of asylum inmates separate and move together, come towards the viewer and retire.
    • The worst situation of all is if the bottom of your shoe is coming apart - if the sole is separating from the part around your foot.
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    (couple) separarse
    • For one thing Erica knew his parents were always separating or getting back together.
    • After some time together, she separated from her husband with the intention of divorcing him, and moved into separate accommodation.
    • She was living in public housing, separated from her husband and living on a lone parent allowance.
    • My parents separated when I was 5, and I grew up living with my mother and visiting my father only once or twice a year.
    • Dean's parents had separated, but were working on getting back together, but I guess it didn't work out.
    • The Defendant was in need of living accommodation for himself as he had recently separated from his wife and had left the matrimonial home.
    • The next eight months they will stay together, separate, reunite and bring forth new life.
    • They separated for a couple of months and then got back together.
    • In March, 1994, the couple separated, bringing to an end their 15-year relationship.
    • When he was four years old his parents separated, although they tried coming back together three times.
    • With the need for a new housekeeper, Stevens sees an opportunity to bring Miss Kenton, now separated from her husband, back to the manor.
    • When I was in late high school my father, having recently separated from my mother, brought his new love to come live with me and my brother.
    • My parents separated when I was eleven and my father brought up my younger sister and me.
    • My parents were something between: separated, or separating, sometimes living together and sometimes apart, and each of them with lovers.
    • This could be due to a parent being ill, (this sometimes happens after the parent gets better), marriage problems, fighting or parents separating.
    • After all, there's a good chance that you have witnessed your own parents separating.
    • But the summer my mother and her husband separated, Lorne moved out and took his entire five-piece tiger-striped couch set with him.
    • Then they grew apart, separated and, eventually divorced.
    • Michelle and Melissa might be moving, or separating, or just cleaning house, but there is no tension evident.
    • When my husband and I were separating, I helped him move into an apartment because he told me he was having some kind of crisis.